Newsletter 02/00 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter 02/00 by Multiple Artists
Maytag Mr.Wrong
- --- ---- -- The Used Coalition // Febuary twothousand -- -
Well, here we are again. Welcome to the Worthless Words section of the third
Used Coalition pack. In a time of lacking scene activity, we nominate ourselves
as The light at the end of the tunnel. We are flourishing with activity. Id
like to start my part of the NFO off with the newcomers. In absolutely no
particular order, Knocturnal, Propane, Sensei, The Fourth Disciple, and last butdefinately not least, Ironghost. We also gained a few members to the ascii side,Martz, and Tripulogic. Lastly, we scored our first rip artist, Fat Pacifist, so
check the shit out :. Of course with every block of time, change is inevitable.We had a person leave us inbetween packs. We wish you luck Creator, and may you
die and rot for eterenity. j/k :. Good luck with the child. Youll need it!
Id also like to thank The Ruiner from Glue, Inclusive from Kibosh, Tarot from
Bleu, Milkmang from Poffelipoff, and Lemon1z0r from somewhere in europe :P j/kfor taking the time to contribute guest releases this pack. - Spearfx
Hrmm, i dont really have much to say. Ansi is non-conformist. Its like punk
music. Itll never really die. Even if vgas looking better, ansis still there
We draw ansi cause we like it, people play punk cause they like it. Even if the
musics simplier than a lot of other styles, some people continue to play and
listen to it cause they like it. Its the same thing with ansi. When friends
come at my home and im drawing, they all say something like man, you should
draw vga or something, it makes me laugh. Sure, vga has more details and stuff
but at least, i do what i like to do and i think its the basis of everything.
People should stop worrying about what the others are gonna think of them and
do what they think is right. You cant be truly free and happy in life if you
limit yourself to what the others think of you and what you should have/havent
done. You miss a lot of good and sometimes painfull experiences that are gonn
make you grow up in a way or another. And isnt the goal of life to live the
more experiences possible? I mean, if you never try anything new, youll end up
in a routine that will become boring with time, then follows depression etc...
Be original, imaginative. I dont say im better than you or anything, but i
try. Throw away your fears and dive into the heart of what you like. Yeah, i
hate the world for their attempts to always kill my hopes, for trying to make m
feel bad about who i am, for telling me what and how i should do things and
live, for telling me that what i feel is right is wrong. They wont ruin my lif
like theyve done with thousands of people, i just dont accept it. If the worl
doesnt want to be free, ill try to experience freedom the maximum i can and i
it doesnt fit in their morals and in their conception of normal life, am i
supposed to care? I dont want their boring life full of regrets and constant
frustration... I hate the world but i love life.
Im not saying something like dont worry be happy or some other hippy stuff,
even, i say if someone gets in your way and try to stop you from doing what you
like, tell him/them to fuck off and do it. If it doesnt work, who cares, you
wont have the regret of not have tried it.
Thanks for your time.
Peace. Respect. Anarchy. Freedom. - Mr.Wrong