Newsletter 11/99 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter 11/99 by Multiple Artists
- The Used Coalition, November 1999 Who, What, When, Where?
- Spears word
So high, welcome to the first edition of the used news. Let me begin with
explaining the birth of used. After the sixth Fokus Fonting pack, everyone
gave up at once for some reason. Fluor seemed to be quite un-interested at
this point, Crimson Skye had computer problems, as did Avenging Angel. Mr.
Wrong had to leave for a month for some work related issues, so the group
as a whole, being already weak, was k-nocked over when the one of two
founders, Knocturnal quit the group to concentrate more on his ascii. At
this point, Zippy and myself were the only ones seeming to care. When Mr.
Wrong came back, he came back to a non-existant group. I figured the only
thing that would make sense would be to form a new group with a new tweak
to it. I proposed this idea to Mr. Wrong, and he agreed, naturally Zippy
was interested. After several days of names Im sure alot of you have gone
through with this we agreed on USED. Its slightly pessimistic, kinda punk,
and totally us. So the Used Coalition was born. This group accepts
applications of the PICTURE, FONT, and ASCII mediums. Applicants are
encouraged to send 3-5 pieces of art in a zip to one of the staff members
listed in the Member Listing. Please, enjoy the ansi funk that is USED.
- SPEARused
- Mr Wrongs word
This will probably be the only serious newsletter youll read in a Used pack. Theres not much to say since you all know what kind of group Fokus was and
that Used is based on the same spirit. The difference is were no longer a
font only group anyway, i heard some people are taking care of that. We formed The Used Coalition to have complete freedom of movement, we didnt
want people telling us what to draw, how to draw or having our stuff quality
controlled and we didnt want to be anonymous drawers in some group. We draw, we release and we dont really care about the rest. Thats pretty much it.
Stay tuned next month for something bigger and better.
- The Used Coalition, November 1999 Who cares?
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