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do you like the wierd psychodelic funk style...???
be careful, pandora talks to herself -unit news for 04UNIT-
oOOour 4th pack, i guess its official that well be releasing
monthly. And Im definitely plan on releasing on schedule, so be on the lookout for our packs every 1st of the month on
our distros as well as ftp.cdrom.com. Plus, as a very brand spanking new feature brought to you by the man of many odd
talents well not get into what else he does, aXB has produced a webpage for the unit productions and a new not so new name.
UNiT Productions change Unit Artworks
if you got any feedback about this pack or would like to join
the group as an artist, send any and all replies/messages/etc
to unit@juno.com if youre going to send us samples of your
work, send it to that addie in .UUE format
argh! im not even done the damn general shit
yea.. weez gunna creep upz on joo soorwee asszz... hey, whered you come from, im not through yet.. we got some new members for this pack our one new member is megaflow expect to see his work in the next unit pack........ Plus, Id like to mention
that were in real need of artists, in or outside of 410 ac
also were looking for an official courier for the group to
distribute our packs to any and ALL boards found on Planet Earth.
Plus, we want a courier with access to irc to distribute the packs
on ansi or whatever, we need our packs distributed everywhere! Send us your info, such as who you also courier for and where you can take
our packs. +P oh the addie is unit@juno.com R u fucking done yet, jeezus fooking christmas
watch your damn language!@ hey, the .nfo will be long this time.
words from the coding division head -psion
another slow month in general. no full EXEs this time around, due
to my lack of sleep and the fact that ive fallen ill for the past
3 weeks. hopefully well have some new stuff next release.
wwiv source code modifications seem to be a fancy in this release.
if youre not a registered wwiv sysop, lets just say that im not
encouraging any illegal usage. : and no, dont expect
anything that spectacular like some fmd-style mod.
pandora stepped up to be a coder. she hands
us her message header mod which is simply fantastic.
unit is now taking requests for coding applications.
our speciality of the month are application generators. :
simple, fast, and very small exe size make the unittm-brandc1996 application generatortmc1996unitproductions a lovely addition to your
groups next pack. all artwork, screens, code and other stuff is handled by us. how quaint, isnt it? : thats it for me. ill hand it over to gravedancer for the ascii division.
-gravedancer here to smack you with a large trout
Wait, Im supposed to say something? Uhm.. hi!
Once again, nothing much changed with the ascii section.
But I feel that everyone in it has been improving, and
developing their own style.
Now, Id like to take this time to take about ascii scene
or just the art scene in general. Many of the groups we knew
and loved died this year, such as basic, s0ap, and the merge
of trank with asciid forming the once dead remorse. Did the people just not have fun running a group? is the death of all these groups weakening the scene? am i ever gonna think of smart to say? i seriouosly doubt it.. : But the scene isnt what it used to be. Does this affect unit? nope, well still be around no matter what, producing our funky ass art, right everyone? Okie, thats enough with muh blabbering.. yeah.. okie, so how am end this, oh you wanna say something.. okie, buh bye.. *waving*
remorse, noname, blend, old s0ap mems, salute to samsara, hi to
ACiD, iCE, CiA, dark, fire, eclipse, awe, plain, and any other established groups we missed and everyone on irc. Plus some local greets to ERROR and LiFE...and all you funky 41o peeps!@@ oh yeah, fergot twilight.. you go in other related unit news
pandora changed her handle to b. Love b! :
god-damnit, i needed a quick change and i wasnt gonna
go through the whole transvestite thang... I said I wanted
a man, I never said I wanted to BE a man... phht!
gravedancer gdr was ripped by a local bbs lamer : i didnt even know that i was good enough to be ripped.. eheh... what can i do about it? druid dr chasing down the art rippers with his ultra super laser canon shot gun while holding onto a Lets Sue Barbie whos a lawyer if you dont get it : why you dirty..!@!@ ill @@ and make you eat your !!!@. are you talking to me!@ psion ps and puff pf can only watch all these terrible things happen to their fellow members : damn, drus the man... yo wait... axb axb after smoking some crack had no comment.
trend hippie, jeeves, tasslehoff, chipset, tn man are all enjoying a very nice and long vacation from the scene. members : unit artworks?!? the ones in cyan have contributed to this pack chipset tasslehoff gravedancer trend hippie
b. love psion jeeves
puff druid axb tn man megaflow
whq the haven 410-720-6241
ushq mana kingdom ** NOT-YET-OPEN
member the severed head 410-544-7685
dutch ironx +31-715-896391
german mystic +49-69-514523
middle east electric cube +09-73-740611
distros: 410 Digital Illusions 410-284-0970
Cavern Of Darkness 410-654-9897
Residue 410-838-2156
301 Infinity Hole 301-421-9256
House of Usher 301-530-8981 703 Chaotic Artistry 703-486-2631
!@ UNiT aRtWorKS @@
in ..1997.. baBy