Death Row by Nailz & Krypton
Death Row by Nailz & Krypton
I now only do ansis pics for people who
a are a distribution site for UNiON
b will do a trade site/pic
c people who ACTUALLY RUN UnionNet on
their system
This ansi is for Maestro who gave me a
613 Nation Distribution Site..
krypton.union Death Row - 413.782.1851 Nation WHQ / Reality WHQ / Corruption Site CiA Site / Addict E-Mag WHQ / AMiTECH Site / FAWK WHQ / Distorted USHQ RELiC Site / The Classroom WHQ / MiiS Site / Imperial Site / CRiME Site Blur E-Mag / Guilt E-Mag Site / DeadNet / FanaticNet WHQ / StormWatch UnitedNatons Net WHQ / negativnet 9600 to 28.8 Connectis Accepted / NR For Cool Lders SysOps: Sociopath Nation Maestro Nation/Corruption/Reality
Ansi by Nailz Uny Font by Krypton Uny
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