Union Jack - Taken from Marvel Comics Book of the Dead Deluxe Ed. 20, Feb 88
Greed meant nothing to me, more miniscule than a vole.
It would eventually take me, where no one would ever want to go.
I was once asked, is its fulfillment worth the price of my soul?
I would have answered them, but at the time I did not know.
That was when I was innocent, when my life was mine to lead.
Before a demon was born in me, because of my material need.
I wanted wealth, I wanted power, I dreamed of being elite.
I was willing to achieve these goals through any means, any feat.
Life is sometimes nothing more, than a compilation of ones dreams.
I now know there is more truth to illusion, than there sometime seems.
I should have known it was wrong, once they asked for my blood type.
They hadnt mentioned that in their ads, or in any of their hype.
They were pleased with my blood, it was rich, it was rare.
Just a few formalites and Id have not another care.
I could have my wish, I just needed to sign at the dotted line.
They handed me a quill, taken from some birds spine.
I eagerly signed, the ink so red, of such a familiar shade.
Once my name was finished I realized what a horrible deal I had made.
I read through the paper, deciphered the legalese so full of confusion.
My soul is theirs, given to them by means of this unholy UNiON.
No Carrier UNiON Trial
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