Chemical Genocide by Flick
Chemical Genocide by Flick
j00 heard!
Messiahs HAZCHEM!
Operators are Messiah, Syringe Nitrogen / Sick board call NOW!
+61-3-558-2798/ Australia commin at ya br0!
Greets : Neurotic - hiya!
Zed Nitro - Nice chat man, get back to australian boards!
The Guardian -Hope you dont have a funny accent!
Cool T - Gdday mate, another shrimp on the bbq!
Syntax - Hi!
STC - j00 br0! I want my ansi now!
Toon Goon - wouldnt mind dat toon goon ansi!
Alter Ego - Celerity! run pcb or obv/2!
Art Phreaks! - Hey! Union rocking with joo 94 and beyond!phunkee!
Slothy - That rip was cool, can I have one! ahah
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