-++- - - tWSted nEWS at 8 - ++ - +- - - -- - -
good evening, and welcome to tWSTed news, this is tHERUIN3r. pSEA is
on vacation, prolly gettin some fat pussy on a nude beach somewhere down
south, while im stuck up here, freezing my ass off, in this blustery -40
typical canuck weather, to bring you tonites edition of tWSted news.
in tonites top story, tWISted thats USturns ONE YEAR OLD, a feat
accomplished by lessand less groups these days, as the scene detiorates and
the entire world crawls to a quiet death.i am not a crackpot.*ahem*congrats
go out from this reporter to tWISted, goin strong in 97.
in other news, waffles have been proven to drastically increase your
sperm count. so i guess if youre a little low on you-know-what, reach for
the freezer and leggo my eggotm.
and now to deelOts for the weather.,. . ..
deelOts ,..
deelOts *chatter*
deelOts .,.. . .
deelOts brr
well then, thank you for that wonderfully colourful report. on a bit
of a sadder note, count zero left this month, well actually he left last
month, but seems no one really noticed until now. tWSted hit the streets to
discover the publics reaction.
tWSted how do you feel about c0 quitting the
average j0e ..
tWSted you know, tWSted,losing its strongest
tWStnEWS member?? c0, the guy who drew all the
200+ line ansis
average j0e and ansi is what??
tWSted ahh, thank you for your time.
after a few more similar attempts, we decided it best to ask people
from twisted.
tWSted how do you feel about c0 quitting twisted?
mojo- she was a great person, ill miss her, what a gal.
tWSted uhmmm count zero was a guy, and still is for that matter.
mojo- ya she was great.
tWSted uhhh ya, nice talking to you .., . .
tWSted how do you feel about c0 quitting twisted?
*gus is away
tWSted how do you feel about c0 quitting twisted?
sh4m4n oh man, what a wicked diablo, i mean artist. tWisteds gonna
diablo him real diablo, uhhh i gotta diablo,. .
sh4m4n has quit iRC playing diablo, dIABLO!@!
tWSted how do you feel about c0 quitting twisted?
newander he was really like a big brother to me, i looked up to him,
someday im gonna grow up just like hIM!@
so there you have it, c0 will be sorely missed. this reporter knows
he wishes he could draw 4, 100 line pics a month, but this is REALITY. .,. .
now its time for sports with our very own jYNX.
jYNX what in the hell?!!@ i aint no stinkin sports reporter!!@
tHERUIN3r just say something about the superbowl.
jYNX superbowl?? we dont do that sorta thing up here in canada, up
here we got the grey cUP, no pansy bOWLS for us, we got CUPS!
eat it yankee scum!@ eAT IT!!@ STICK THAT IN YO,. . .........
this just in, tWISted has accepted a new member into their midst, 2
actually. organ grinder joins as a trial ascii member, gracing us with his
mad new skillzz. tHERUIN3r, the very same guy thats writing this leet .nFO
file, joins us from the remnants of sPIN. seems the idiot attempted to quit
the scene, but instead decided to join tWISted. for all you who didnt know
this is the old kannibalistik, coming back from the dead in a powerful way.
well, this reporters day has come to an end. tune in next month when
we do a feature report on what screen radiation does to your penis,and how
drawing ansi reduces the risk. stay tuned 4r a brand new episode of fAMILY
tIES where skippy promises the keaton family fame and fortune if they invst
in his zany new invention, lots of laffs, coming up next. goodnite every1.
.nFO and pics by tHERUIN3rtWSt