rn ED
a PRIL fOOLS,. .
and welcome to another month of twisted art.we finally decided
to release on the first of the month for once. yAY!@ us. i hope
we can keep it up. i like punctuality. and what better month to
start off agnew than aPRIL., the best month of the year.
today is also some sorta new year. pagan new year i think. and
whadda ya know?? 99.6 of the members are pagans. except 4 jynx
whos 0.4 hindu.
this month not much happened. at least i cant really remember.
and hey, it was only like tWo weeks. we released a little late
last month
- our inet staff went on strike. fed up with pcs dictatorship,
splOink led a violent rebellion which ended, sadly enough, with
the death of at least two crickets. we mourn.
- newander hit puberty
- deelots can drive. pHEAR.
- my parents couldnt find any chocolate bunnies for easter, so i
got a live one instead. but once again, my dad ate the ears.
- gus was accused of hacking, taken to court, convicted, served
four days and was molested by an obese black man named bubba.
when asked how it effected him, he responded, strangely enough,
with a smile.
- some strange cult cut off their penises and then committed
suicide. well if my penis were gone, id kill myself too.
m EMb3RS,. .
two people joined this month.
i N cLOSING., . .
next month twisted will be releasing again.yes it may come as a
shock to some people but there will be ANOTHER twisted pack next
next month.
that is all.
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