UnReal by Zaerkon
UnReal by Zaerkon
the sewers belch me up
the heavens spit me out
from ethers tragic i am born again
and now im with you now
z k
p a i n
that was the header.
now here comes the sh.
inside your world of wow
to move in desires made of deadly pretence
h a t e
l ov
d e s i r e
s e x
t r uth
and the worste part is... I HATE BROWN!@@ only egoman can make a brown ansi
look good. mine look like sheeit...
GREETS: yeah first time in 2 years Deeply, Egoteq, Snake Grunger,
The Knight, Corinth, CNU, Lemmons, Slothy, Aphid, Snax, CapHood, Tainted, Massd,Massm, MagneticM, Asoap, STC, Filth, Fever, Grimlock, Stygian, ZeusII, Ever, T2
Soul Assassin, MalcolmX, Quisling, Azrael, 4th Disciple, Fluor, TNA, Holocaust,
Spear, Winter, Force Ten, Somms wherever you are, El Guapo, Boa, Tetanus, HalBlack Viper, Corp Cow, Otron..uhm..inazone, Kamikazeeee, Parasite, Friar, MHZ,
nootr..damn...diez, finally last and least POD... Hey to all my homes in Darki love Dark. also heys to all the ice ppl that were there when i was there.
and special greeting to WINTER for mentioning me in his ansi thanks buddy.