Entropy by Multiple Artists
Entropy by Multiple Artists
Whitetrash - Filth - Fever
filth was here
when youre this good.. you dont have rivals.
cheesey? yeah i think so :
oh well, wt rules.
i didnt draw
this, but ill say
hi anyways.
heres the dumb
bitch i drew..
i really hate witch
blade. its a
shitty comic
this is where i
really fucked up
this ansi
uhh, yeah this
looks cheesey
wif all the black
space.. oh well.
fv rocks
mmm, i love
ball park
wow, i never
noticed how fun
it is to write black on
black text on other
peoples ansis..
e n t r o p y / sys: elastic
tooele-et4u ice / fuel member board.
i cant shade/draw fonts worth shit.
Credits: Backgrounds: WhiteTrash
Twilight font: Outline: WhiteTrash
Shading: Fever Filth
First Character: WhiteTrash
Second Character: Filth
Third Character: Fever
Entropy Font:Outline: WhiteTrash
Shading: Filth
all elite black on black: filth
note wt if you see this, the credits
deal is really corny :