Fresh by Zeus II
Fresh by Zeus II
Zeus II of..
sen ts:
dezeits F R E S H !
All ansi by Zeus II / twilight productions
original bitch by Marvel Comics
------------youre supposed to CUT here, nutsack!-----------------------------
Hi! This is my first ansi for Twilight Productions! Thank ye for inviting me,
I wont make you sorry.
Theres a funny story to this ansi: Dezeit ordered a girl with big tits
and a big fucking gun. I couldnt find such a bitch, so I just took one with
large breasts and made a seriously weird gun myself. So -wOO- the gun is 100
original@@12!! Yeah.. Lovely. As if you care.
Do NnnooOOOttt beg me for ansi. Ive grown quite tired of requests and draw for whom ever I feel like. You could ask me to do a joint instead, then youd
be more likely to get a yes. Dont let this scare you off tho.. Im always
up for a chat when on IRC. Im no stuck up basturd just because Im in twi..
Nuff said. If theres anything else you want, reach me at
or why no the lovely chatroom twilight on efnet-IRC. Have a nice month...
/Zeus II