art. chomp. by flame
art. chomp. by flame
flame - january 1996
fl the acrylic weekly artscene newsletter.
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enigma, opped by dystro.
stay up a day or so, and stare at this... it is so cool.
the fuzz hut
flame eupnia....
-------------- ---- this is logo two, for
my board, fuzz hut.. :
pretty cool, huhuhuhuh.
vinyl - ansi by flame dec//1996 or so
hi there .. this is for the BitchX script, vinyl ..
coded by ewheat. greets to my artfriends. you know who
you guys are.
boy.. this thing sucks. and that aint no joke.
argh. that sucks. i hate collys. id rather just put all of these in
seperate files, but its policy .. oh well. live with it. these things
suck anyways.
- flame