Twilight Newsletter 11/96 by Twilight Staff
Twilight Newsletter 11/96 by Twilight Staff
Deeply d.
Twilight Newsletter
November, 1996
pack 1
Where to start? These past 2 weeks have been the craziest any of
us in the group have ever encountered. Lets fill you in on why
such bedlam has fallen apon us.
2 weeks ago, a few of us were talking about how we didnt dig
what was happening in our respective groups, the groups we were
in seemed to be falling apart at the seems and anything we could do to
help would be to no avail. So we left it at that, then a few days
later we came up with the idea of splitting off from those groups and
doing something on our own, the idea was embrassed from the get-go.
So we set about to form our group, twilight ... 1st we wanted to see
if starting a group that would have quality members was possible.
We talked to a few guys who had expressed a dislike about their
curent position and to our astonishment all of them wanted in to this
group we just formed. Well needless to say we were pleasently
surprised and encouraged so we foraged on and 2 weeks later here we
are with a pack that can hold its on in todays scene.
Merger for the masses
1 week into the group, we got to talking with ever who was heading
up legend at the time and we suggested legend merge into us... Legend
as you might have already seen wasnt doing so well, the pack was
months overdue. Ever talked with the current members of legend and
they went for it, so thus Legend is no more... They gave us great art
and something to talk about for a while and for that we thank the
guys who brought it back : Im sure the people that came over from
legend will be happy with their new surroundings... welcome aboard
guys! :
Miscelanious Bullshit
Although twilight already has 3 senior staff members and 2 coordina-
tors we think that it is crucial for us to have a position called
HeAdCheEze and we fill this position with none other then Terminator2
Basicly ... ed runs the group we the senior staff are just front men.
As of now, twilight only contains ansi artists but we are not
limiting our selves to one format. Applications for vga, rip and
coders should be submited to either the staff or at the whq snakes
Spirit of illusion took time away from his gameboy to watch some sailor
moon YTV, 3:30pm EST! Seems of light from one of the scenes in
the show has rendered soi colorblind thus his cornacopia of black and
white pics and his all green ansi... He has an appointment with his
eye doctor next tuesday.
Yes... We DO accept sites and hqs. Why? well actually because
were running out of things to draw! So if your board is nice and
spiffy like give a ring to the whq and submit an application... all
requests for sites over irc will be ignored.
Im actually naked right now.
snake grunger Really?
Uhhh *slap*
We tried to reach Grimlock for his art, but it is seems gl has
disapeared.. His awnsering machine is full so we couldnt leave a
message. Kinda makes you think twice about alien abuction doesnt it?
Uhmmm carl im scared
wired dont worry marc.. he wont actually pull a virtual drive by.
uhmmm i hope not.
Closing remarks
So that does it for us over here at our little fag farm we like to
call twilight. We will be back next month on the 15th to release
our Christmas Bonanza pack! Saint nick has spotted on an artists
screen lately wearing nothing but black lace pantys and 3 inch pumps.
Geeez... santas a transvestite?
So till santa claus trys to pick you up at a gay bar we will see you
all next month.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! gobble gobble.. and make sure to check out our
turkey mascot in gobble.twi. It will give you something to share
with your relatives when they come over on monday.
Your humble yet sorta sexy Twilight Staff