Total Chaos Main#2 by Corey
Total Chaos Main#2 by Corey
hay man, this is for tc! only. rip this and die!
j join conf a abandon conf total chaos f list files mainmenu u upload files d d/l files t set protocol
n new files w write your inf
o z zippy dirscan v view settings
l locate files m mode ansi/asci
i pta apply to pta wh who is tradin
g us user listing e enter a msg
i initial welcome r read messages
g farewell 4 good c msg to sysop
b bulletins menu k kill a msg
o operator page p page lenght se
t q quick msg scan
x expert mode
y personal mail
h help function
ansi by by goodbye
crtul fl flag files8------cut-here!-------8----------------------8----------------------8------greetings to these: the cube, caramon, fugitive, tarot, raiser and ob fleur.