the next testament
pack 10
the next testament finishes its last page...
whod a thunk it? 10 packs? 9 in a row!! unheard of and
quite honestly I have to thank you all for doubting us.
your desire to see us thrive amidst your taunting was just
the kick in the pants that you needed!
tnt was founded as a wake-up call to the masses. Who coulda
predicted teh fun wed have, the friends wed make, etc, etc...
for myself, this was a personal journey that became much more:
ministar - thank you for allowing me to start this group and
grow as an artist and enjoy one more group in this crazy block
eat block world.
wik/mekkanik - from the first inception, there was wik! Jawing
like only wik can. Im glad you were a part of this, watching
you emerge as more than just another ego was great!
zeroVision - what can I say? You probably embodied what I wanted
for this group more than I could have hoped. More than myself.
Thank you for countless of fun hours drawing in pablo. Thank you
for pushing me and teaching me so much. You are the preiminent
block ninja! Im better for having had the honor of being in the
same group.
phoman/reevolution - man, when you were here, you were tnt through
and through. Keep in touch brotha!
fusion - man, its been awesome to see you whipping out ansis at
such a continued advancement of talent. did that make sense?
Its been a blast having you in this motley crew!
shaedd ego, nim0r, altared ego and anyone else that was a member
of tnt if for just one pack - thank you for your interest, who
knows... maybe there could have been more.
It just seems like this is the best time to end the group.
What is next is not yet known. Whatever is out there for
any of these guys I cant tell you, but I expect it to be great!
Again, thanks to the artists, and to everyone out there that
ever viewed one of our packs! We do this shit for fun, not
-- skypager! tnt
Once again I see another group rise and fall. Leaders fade away
members come and go, until apathy consumes us all. Am I bitter? No.
It was an extreme pleasure to draw with this group of friends, for
they are truely friends and I will miss the time spent with them.
As much as I hate seeing this group go, I expected it. I saw it
coming on the horizon and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
How many more groups will I draw under? I joined Testament in its
infancy hoping to help it become something more than all the other
mediocre groups that keep pushing deadlines back, that never release
art, that treat their medium as if it were a CHORE. Nothing I can
say will convince people otherwise. The day is coming soon when
there will be no more groups. There will be no more artists...
except me.
-- zeroVision tnt
We pushed this group to the edge. Well all be sad
to see it go. Hopefully better things will follow.
-- wik/mekkanik tnt
Fusion joined the group then it died
-- fusion tnt
what?!@! you expected something more vile? more derogatory?
fuck off! there!