Trauma Times - 12/95 by Fresh
Trauma Times - 12/95 by Fresh
The Trauma Tribune : Volume 1, Issue 1. special BECK headers issu
Satan Sold Me a Taco.
Hi ho, and welcome to the first ever Trauma productions pack. Trau
ma is
the creation of many people, some more indirectly than others. Ill e
xplain to
the best of my ability what has helped form the group that is Trauma.
Early in September, Lord Jazz killed Bleach. Another artist, Lord
who is better known as Holocaust took it over. Eventually, Holocaus
t wasnt
able to run the group anymore either, and gave it to me fresh. We g
ained a
good base of artists from a merger with another local group, TFH. I e
saw what has happened to revived groups, and after much dispute, Bl
each was
changed to Trauma. Thats pretty much how things have gone thusfar. A
part from
that, Trauma has taken off and evolved into a group Im very proud of
. This is
to clear up any confusion about the amount of bleach logos in the p
Fuckin With my Head.
Im not going to talk about what new members we got, since, well,
of em are new. I will talk a bit about how to apply to Trauma. Since
our app
generator is still being coded by Genesis Porridge formerly of Aura
have to find me on any of the boards that are in the sitelist except
mOld, I
plan to setup my account there soon. Well work out something. The f
postions are open for application:
Ansi Artists
Ascii Artists
Vga Artists
Sites not applicable to those in the 416/905 AC, were full
The application generator will be in the next pack, I promise
MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack.
Distro sites will be accepted, but to a maximum of 2 per AC. HQs
be given out by the senior staff.
Novocain Express.
Greets and thanks to the following people for their d
irect or indirect
Xypher Matryx, The 4th Disciple, Red Dwarf, WatOr, Genesis Porri
dge, and Bass
Also, thanks to all the Trauma Artists, Coders, and Senior Staff.
Telepathic Astro-manure.
t h e e n d
Writer/Editor : Fresh trauma Artist :
Armageddon Donut trauma