Mr. Man
TRiBAL WRiTES - The TRiBE Newsletter - Issue One / Volumne One
- July 1993
Welcome to the first issue of TRiBEs own newsletter, TRiBAL
hope to bring this to you atleast once a month probably in The Archi
ve where
we can keep you up to date on all the TRiBE News and Information that
you may
not be getting elsewhere. WHAT! You dont carry ToXiCNet yet?!
The first thing were going to tackle this month is something whi
ch alot
of you people out there cant seem to get a grasp on, which is that T
RiBE does
not have nor does it want Distribution Sites. Why? Its fairly simp
le. TRiBE
is an ANSi/ART Group, not a Courier group. We feel that it would tak
e valuable
time and effort away from this to be able to find, support and upkeep
Distribution Sites.
For this fact, weve gone out to whom we feel are the best in the
of couriering, SWaT, who has been and will be Distributing The Archiv
e each
month to THIER SITES. Its just more effecient for US to use the EXI
system SWaT has in place for Couriering and Distribution instead of m
aking up
our own and having to deal with it ourselves.
Some people feel that Groups get support from Sites, but the fact
is it
is the other way around. Groups support boards. You dont see SysOp
s going
out and getting thier own couriers and making sure they get thier own
as a whole. They want to be a Site so they dont have to go do it th
Anyone wanting to SUPPORT TRiBE by making our material available for
on thier boards, FEEL FREE. It wont make you a SITE, nor make us in
any way
responsable to do ANYthing in return for you.
Whew. Getting tired from repeating all this all the time. ANYwa
y, the
next thing that people seem confused about is what TRiBE is all about
. Sure,
we love to hear from you guys saying how you like our stuff and you t
hink its
as good as Group such and such or better than Group so and so, but it
s not
anything were after or trying for.
Were all out to avoid the pissing contests for bragging rights t
hat the
Big Two seem so wrapped up in and what most of us are in TRiBE to
get away
from, amoung other things. We pretty much just try to smile and nod
, be it
someone saying, Damn! You guys started with nothing and are better
than iCE
now! Congrats. or someone saying, Fuck. You guys cant draw worth
a shit.
TRiBE reminds me of oMo or HoMo or whatever the fuck Tornados group
was. He
can draw better than any of you., because were not doing this for p
approval. Its Fun and Money, buddy. Deal with it.
Alrighty! Now that all thats out of the way, I can get to the F
UN stuff.
This month saw some new members joining us. The list includes Dead E
nd, Mystic
Knight, Dreamevil and Leper Messiah. Stormblade also came aboard to
help out
us ANSi guys whenever we want to put a Poem in the piece.
YES. TRiBE always welcomes people who want to join in the Fun an
d Money
making opertunities. We dont have or need no stinking Applications,
find a TRiBE Member, get him your stuff, and sooner or later well ge
t around
to getting in touch with you and talking to you all about it. Since
we only
really have Artists as members, we dont do that whole Recruitment BS
. You
wont find guys like Cetis and Cavalier in TRiBE wholl call you up a
nd bug
your ass until you join.
Well just contact you and tell you about TRiBE and give you time
to make
your OWN decision, and let it go at that, whatever it is. TRiBE does
nt have
Trial Members. Youre in or your not. Since TRiBE doesnt give a sh
it about
public opinion, we dont bother with a Quality Control system, youre
either in
or your not. We dont have Quotas and if you dont do anything we dr
op you off
the list like you dont exist. Hell, we dont even bother with the p
beuracracy of some kind of orginizational BS.
As you can see, there just isnt a group out there like us, wheth
er you
think the ideas and philosophies behind it are good or not. SOME peo
ple are
always quick to point out that other groups whove tried to run alitt
le bit
like TRiBE in the past have failed. *I* would point out that *NO* gr
oup has
ever tried to do EVERYTHING TRiBE has. Sure, for example, Spectre di
dnt have
a Staff or other orginizational BS. Then again, they were in the sam
e old
mold of and made up of people trying to keep in the same old cycle of
to be Better Than someone or other.
The Archive will be out each and every month, regardless of what
kind of
K we produce or the number of ANSis we produce. The other smaller gr
oups out
there, in thier attempt to compete with iCE and ACiD, they hold back
3 and 4
months worth of material to release 3 or so times a year. This would
*ME* off as an artist, if people only got to see my stuff upwards of
3 months
after I release it.
Well, I think I got enough of this stuff out for this month. Hop
next month well have some stuff from other members in here so I don
t have
to yack about all this stuff that seems to get sooooooooo many people
Lets hope so, eh?
Shihear Kallizad Shihear Kallizad
1 of dem TRiBE Guys
Greets -
Alter Ego - Hello from one of the talentless people not in ACiD. :
Cetis - Wow, I made your telephone list of important people in the
Cyber X - No! My board should be WHQ for ATOMiX! :
CyberHack - Um, wheres his nose?! :
Dead End - Nice stuff. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay.
Dreamevil - Hows bout puttin some close on that bitch. :
Egghead - Wow, I made his telephone list of important people in th
e scene?
FusioN - Buy some comics, then join TX-ANSI4! ducking
Force Ten - What? You mean.... Its NOT a mask!? IIIIIEEEEEEEEEE
Hanibal L. - ACiD is SO BIG!
HOOPTiE - You and HL should get together and start ACiD Logo Divis
Leper M. - New Pool on when he does an ANSi! I gots October... 19
95! :
Mens in 713 - Two snaps up!
Metal Head - Hope you didnt learn from Force Tens Guide to iCEPack
Mystic K. - See Dead End
Quasar - Hes out playing basketbaaah.
R.Noble - Of course Im moody... Im REN Pecked!
Tempus - You da Man, you da Man.. iCEs Rad Man that is! AD-ViZ
Sharp - Dark Society! Dark Society! Dark Society! Sorry, had to
Un..sumthin - YOU?! STAFF?! iCE?! taps playing, tears falling