dreamevil Presents a TRiBE Production of Really Neat Scanned VGAs!!!
Dreamevil had originally done these while Valiant was still around,
but now that Valiants gone and hes in TRiBE, we said, Shore, well release
these. Theyre sweet!.
There are two 640x480 BW, Hand Drawn, Scanned Images which he both
drew and scanned. And edited in TRiBE later, over the old Valiant name.
Theyre really neat and show that dreamevil has alot of artisic talent and
ability beyond that of his infamous ANSi Cartoons!
Hope you enjoy these, and no, theyre not coded. We dont have and
dont boast of having any Coders, much less Incredible Coders capable of a
Loader that would show this on the wide varriety of mix and matched hardware
setups out there. Besides, theyre not ads for anything, just spiffy little
picture to look at.