Chef Whodinis Diz/Info File 8 / /
tRANK!aSCII in 1995 - shown the one and only...
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: Title - POW Magazine :
: Requested by - Misfit :
powpowpowpowpowpowpowpowp /wpowwdpow
: Title - 504 :
: Requested by - Power Stick? :
windows 96 beta 0001 1/999
: Title - Sagon :
: Requested by - Bil mason :
: Title - HAVOK :
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: Title - Impulse :
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Impulse 6.0 //
: Title - TRSI :
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/ //wD
My religion doesnt believe in style.
boom.. its the info file, its back, and its time.
Well, last month i kicked enough shit for like 3 or 4 people, it rocked.
id like to thank all the people who rocked da feedback at me on irc to
tell me what they felt about shit, its good. BIG PROPS to Cr who had the
nads to tell me what was up, what he thought of what i said, and now him and
I are cool. Glad to see there are mature people out there who can deal with
shit like that. I know I cant usually.
Greets to our friends endow. Pack 1 was legendary, pack 2 was good, and
hopefully the members who choose to keep doing ascii will make trank packs
just as good. Props to unsane for joining up, even though he was a endow
senior and shit.
Greets to Deep, who reared his ugly head today. We talked about trank, he
gave me his ideas, and we talked about what was up. Hes still rockn the
acid!ascii tracks as Im writing this, but who cares as long as hes doin
his thang.
Greets to da man CH, cuz hes gotta go where no man has gone before tommorow.
greets to me, cuz I gotta go to the building right near there the day after
for Truancy charges.
HACK is a bunch of pussies who go to cons. I blessed PumpCon with my mighty
nads, but no one else could compare to my mighty nads. After being totally
disghusted with the whole group of pussies there were exceptions of course,
we fucking bailed. Big props to VaxBuster for making the trip worthwhile.
Greets to ALL the new members. I dont wanna list them all, lets just say
that once again trank is rockn the spot major hardcore. If we keep getn
members like this, were gonna be slapping the shit outah any other ascii
group that steps to da power of sTYLE.2.dEATH!
Greets to TinyZ.. well just give him a small greet, even though he dont
like muh man Sir Death. tinyz gets a greet cuz he called my ass and told
me what was up with kTs. 20 will be out some day... hopefully.. maybe.
BIG OL FAT GREETZ to Hiro Protagonist. you know he runs the fat whq. well,
he also has a shitload of collies that i leached from him. Like 3 times the
ammount of collies i had before my hard drive crash. hes DEFINETLY rocking
the ascii scene out in 306. Big props for da man with big nads.
Total 95 outside to da inside all da way to the roof greet to poskgubbe for
dat fucked up fileid.diz.
Trank is starting a colly division. Euros, talk to me. We need ja asses,
DC represents to the fullest, but the more the merrier. Hiro Protagonist
is in charge of the colly division. talk to him actually.
Greets to da competition. cuz THERE IS NONE!
Chef Whodini
Agent 614
I love it when your mom calls me big poppa