aRT DiViSioN NeWS by TLy aRT DiViSioN
aRT DiViSioN NeWS by TLy aRT DiViSioN
TRiLoXy aRT DiViSioN NeWS iSSue 2 08/01/1995
Sow, the august pack, another nice pack! well, i guess i can
say they are nice cause i get comments from lotsa guys.
good comments: Tnx all you guys! it keeps me drawin.
this month ive got some better news!
first of all, i got an A! kewl! no more studying in vacation!
my vacation will consist of partiing, getting drunk any
difference?, and off course, lotsa drawin and scene-board-
second, the first month was like I said :
well, except for the drawing and calling i mean, caus for the
calling ive had some troubles at home, and for the drawing
its vacation after all and with some new members im not
planning to work my ass of every month. So no ship load of ansi
from me this time.
third, there were made some nifty changes in the art division
memberlist. night angel who, at first,
did not want to join triloxy for some reasons joined after
all, this pack includes some of his work, hes a great
artist i think and hell improve in future if he keeps on
drawing. triloxy also merged with The Revolutionary TeaM 2oo1
TRT 2oo1 and so Sphere, also a very nice artist, joins
triloxy. also Rotting Christ BDP joins tly. there are also
some new vga artists: ...
fourth, the tly-coding division has been so nice to me to code
an ansi viewer, what do i say, two of em, and one is included
in this package, i hope you dont mind the size.
Count Drakula,
Hiya! Night Angel here...
Ehe... I hope CD doesnt mind that Im adding this...
Oki... I had to do the packaging of this ansi pack since CD
has some communication problems... As you will see, there
are only ansis from Count Drakula and myself, I couldnt
reach the other artists on time... Shit man... thats the
5th time that I have to change this newsfile... The ansi of
sphere just reached me, sow, one of his works is also
included! His ansi was meant to put under my psychotic break
welcome screen ansi, but I dont have the time anymore to
put it in, I have a pack to release, djeezes.. Anyway,
Im gonna include it as a stand-alone ansi, nice font sphere!
Thanks for it... There are no asciis of Speed Freak this
time... Hes on vacation, and his doorway didnt work
correctly, well put them in the next pack!
Thats about it, I think there were also some new artist, but
I cant tell you more about it right now, so that will be for
the september package... Now, the following is some more info
about me...
Does anyone remember the files
Well, those were my first ansis : I think I improved a bit.
Ill try to do something about my shading, shit, I just cant
shade correctly... But hey, its for fun, right?!
Hehe... Anyway, I finally decided to join TLY after all...
I allready wanted to join last month, but I had my ups and
downs... Dont expect tons of ansis from me, Im a very
slow drawer : I just dont have that much time to draw...
But I like drawing ansis...
My board is down for the moment because Im moving to Leuven.
But Ill start a new one in januari or something... Sow, look
out for it... Im working on a completely new look together
with Cound Drakula but he doesnt know it yet : and
Speed Freak!
A note to everybody that leeched this pack: I like to know
what you think about my ansis... may I call them ansis?:
I also want to know how far this pack is spreaded... USA?
You can reach me on Sacred Grounds or on COWnet! 88:132/600
Yo Speed Freak... release that killer tomato man! Hehe...
It rocks!
The Belgium ansi scene is alive!
When dope wont take ya high, ask Night Angel how to fly :
pEACE! Night Angel.
Ansi artist