1 Year by Tempo
1 Year by Tempo
Font + picture by tempo of teklordz productions 100 softstyle@geocities.com
Greets - ts for
dedication to the
group, and for
constructing a
group based on
expression original art my bro ext
for being my bro, I think he said that before about myself : people who have given input on my art through new comers to out the year tl scope I appreciate flux the it other guys as well please Please
stay comited request me a group is only atsoftstyle
good if you stay @geocities.
dedicated com I need
requests to
continue my anis art since I
dont have a bbs anymore. Well
here goes ONE year in tl and
my first year in the art
scene. Teklordz can be a great group so app. Good artist dont make the group
its attitude chow tempo
for a free font email me at softstyle@geocities.com sorry my mail box was
erases those who have
pic was done at the last moment hope it looks requested me please
oktempo-tl request again
rememberd requestkyo
chow tnaflour
you dont have to email