0896 Teklordz News by TL Senior Staff
0896 Teklordz News by TL Senior Staff
Special thanks go to Tempo for the TLNews font, and to H
olocaust for the diz.
ell, we released a *tad* bit
late this month. To s
ay the
least weve all kinda procras-
tinated a bit. Luckily I did
my stuff early, so I sp
ent the
last few weeks or so just kinda
ruisin and enjoying the remaining week
of summer before I have to go back to school.
New People. Amazingly enough, we got some
new artists! Lemme take a few lines to give
some shouts out to the new folks:
Holocaust, a newschool ASCII artist. Hes
already damn good at ASCII, I cant wait till
he starts other mediums. Heh heh.
Sandy Chidester, a non-scene RIP artist.
Whats nifty is that she draws original, and
chooses interesting subject matters for her
RIPs. She also has a beautiful shading style. Check out s
ome of
her works that are available for download on her personal
http://members.aol.com/outarts/outworld.html .
Sneakers, a vga artist that draws in a toony wa
y... My favorite
of his works for this month is SN-SWING.JPG, i
ts kinda whimsical,
White Raven, an ANSI/ASCII artist from Bla
de Productions. Since
weve kinda dropped the no dualing rule, hell be doing b
oth the
Teklordz and the Blade thing.
Leavings. I regret that we actually had a
departure this month. :
PhazeOne, who decided he wanted to give AC
iD a try. Sorry we couldnt
dissuade you from leaving. : We wish you luck in ACiD t
hough. :
On an unrelated note, Eclipse rules. Hi splatt
. : Anyway, enjoy
the pack. Theres lots of nifty RIPs, ANSIs
, vgas, and ASCIIs...
Also, be sure to check out our peachy-keen app
lication generator.
Grath, if youre out the
re, email me, theres work to be done!
TekLordz Productions 1996