Ice Application Ansi by Lion
Ice Application Ansi by Lion
Ln.iCE 09/24/95
Lion ice95
my 1st ansi for iCE.
Hope you like it.
approx 380 bitchn lines.
A big hello to 305.
Greets go out to:
c Paramecium ThC, Amnesia ThC, Lord Pegasus ThC,
Smitty ufp, Hello to the iCE members Tib.
Dime Bag gnxrtsufp
Contact :
To request ansi, call me at 305382-1783.
This is not my voice, my bbs line.
An anime oriented BBS.
Thanks to iCE for letting me in.
A little about myself:
Lion has become a household name, but Ive had
e this handle for 6 yrs now, and dont plan to changejust
because of the new lionking fad...please dont call
me that... : ...there was no intention of this screwup...
I loVe AnsI, and Ansi..and AnSi.....and ansi....ansi....
..oh yeaH, ..sorry...
Buh now...
iCE Productions c1995 Ansi by Lion iCE ThC Tib
Hey guys...iCE is where the babes are!