0995 Teklordz News by TL Senior Staff
0995 Teklordz News by TL Senior Staff
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lanea... Whats New and Improved for the September 1995 T
eklordz Artiphaks
Nope, this months pack isnt late. Because of previous
delayed packs, wehave decided to release our compilation
s on the 15th of every month.
Some new stuff... A few people have asked me for sites...
First of all, weno longer give out distros. We fig
ured that IRC works fine enough, and itseems that our
packs manage to get around regardless. Secondly, ill
reiteratesomething that was said before-- our HQ list w
as completely purged prior to the0795 release. Our HQs
are now called cartels, and are only given to members.
Members can request to be a Teklordz Cartel by ema
iling Smooth smooth@pixi.comvia the interne
t. So if you either want a distro or are a non-member r
equestinga Cartel, dont even try to request one
because we will not even botherresponding. :D
A bit of bad news... I reluctantly had to cut our TL
Trial division from thememberlist Sc
hool and work now leaves me little free time to run t
he groupand do my submissions for the month. S
mooth is still out cold as far as thegroup is goi
ng... Just recently, he too went back to school t
o get hisAssociates degree. So basically it leaves
me all by me lonesome. Well, err,maybe not that bad...
Another bit of lousy news... Sabo Fast
Eddie Tage left us for Saga
to betheir public relations man. They didnt allow him
to dual group, and frankly,neither would we. We wish
Sabotage the best of luck over in Saga..
. may herise to be the best, err... PR guy around?
Welp, we got ourselves some new members this month. Not su
re if i mentionedit in the last pack, but we picked
up Shroom, an all-around cool guy and apote
ntially good artist comin at us from Devotion
. Ironic, is it not? gAlso, coming out of
Motion, we got a new member-- OTron
, another really niceguy and good artist, to
whom unfortunately i did not get to speak t
o on IRC forvery long.
Some other new stuff... TheShapeInTheShadows aka ts
its was promoted to TelecomCoordinator. While
Defective Mind was demoted to regular telecom, we
broughthim on as an ansi artist-- apparently this guy is
more talented than he realizes... check out the pack fo
r some of his fonts, which, imo are pretty farking goodf
or someone who hasnt been doing it long. Also, St
impy, our cool coder-guy waspromoted to Coding Coord
inator. Umm, a message to Tranx and G
raff sp?, e-mailme over at myee@hawaii.edu
so i can get you in contact with Stimpeerino. Weve
got some projects in the works, and he needs your help. 8
Umm, some other stuff. Were currently in the process of sett
ing up a TeklordzWeb Site... I had one for a little
while then my schools system slappedan account quo
ta one day, so i deleted it. Smooth is setting the
main pageup on his site-- http://www.pixi.com/
smooth, and I am setting up the packindex from
0795 on on my acct-- http://www2.hawaii.edu
/myee. HopefullySmooth will get those links up so
on, and you wont have to type stuff twice.
Some people have asked me if Teklordz is dead ye
t... I tell them that we areFAR from dying. Although TL
is not yet up to par with some of the better groupsin t
he scene, at least now we are at a position where we can
only improve. Somehave wondered why I continue to sta
y in Teklordz which seemingly has no futurein the eyes
of those who desire instant fame... But I have neve
r felt thatinstant success ever lasts long. If anyt
hing, instant success is a short,an abrupt, and a pa
infully ingratifying experience. That will not be the way
with Teklordz. If it so requires, the group will slowly b
uild its following.In the process, members gain an aff
inity for one another not found in manygroups, and t
hey mature, both as individuals and as a group over time
-TekLordz Pung Coordinator
-Sept. 5, 1995
Some last minute info... Smooth has quit Legend and is n
ow 1oo Teklordz... Nev-ertheless you might not see much
from him, since now hes back in school pursu-ing an A
ssociates degree in either graphic or computer arts, i f
orget which. Inother news, we got a new member, a very t
alented VGA artist... Tsunami.
TL greets: Smooth, aMp, Mojo, Extreme, Seize, OTron,
Defective Mind, Tsits,Shroom, Stimpy, and to all o
thers i probably forgot... but hey thats whathappens
when you spend a good six hours of a day doing mindless
data entry g.
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