0995 TekLordz Profile by TL Senior Staff
0995 TekLordz Profile by TL Senior Staff
Teklordz 0995 Artist Profile: Mojo / Teklordz / Pulse
ts whats your name, handle, social security number, and personal info?
mojotl Mojo, Chelmsford, MA .. originally Boston .. 016.. something..
ts cool. what do you do for teklordz?
mojotl ansi..
ts and what kinda stuff do you like drawing in ansi?
mojotl Mainly toons .. I also do logos but I usually give them to pulse
:.. I think my pics usually come out much better than my logos ..
ts toons, huh. is there any toon artists in particular that you look to
for influences?
mojotl Not really .. I developed my style by my self.. but I do look up to
toon goon of ice..
ts yeah toon goon is like, the god of toon ansis... so tell me about
pulse... when was it formed, where its located, and what ya folks do
mojotl Well, pulse was created by myself, coleslaw, and Hades .. were all
friends .. and it was going to be a strictly vga/demo group with
hades coding, and myself and coleslaw doing the gifs .. later when
we became more in-tune with the scene we got into ansi, and ascii
.. and all that.. Its located all over the place really.. but the
main base is in Chelmsford, MA ..
ts ahh. so basically a local group. thats cool. thats what teklordz
used to be... but most of em sucked... and were certainly unreliable for
producing art... anyway, how long have you been doing ansi?
mojotl about 5 months i think.. yeah.. I started in april of 95..
ts so youve been doing ansi for five months... where do you hope that your
talent will take you?
mojo My high hopes areto continue doing ansi and vga while improving.. I
hope to stay in the scene even when I go off to colloege..
ts thats cool. do you work in other mediums besides computer
mojo yes, I pencil draw.. and I have just recently started to scan my works
in.. and color them with a paint prog.. I am planning to release my
first next month..
ts nif-ty. are the themes in your pencil drawings consistent with your
computer art? or do you like to draw different stuff?
mojo No, I definitly draw differently.. even though I took a cartooning
class at decorteva art museam I always stick with a realistic
tequnique .. usually hands.. and portaits..
ts whoa. hands are very very cool. so damn hard to draw *grin* ... but is
toons where you might be heading, artistically speaking? like, do you
see drawing toons as a possible future career choice?
mojo No, I doubt it.. right now its just something to do.. and I enjoy doing
it.. I think my career choice will be much more technicall than
artistic. I see myself doing something that involves alot of math.
ts haha... so yer masochistic,are ya? nah, just cuz i loathe the subject i
sometimes tend to be overly critical of it
ts uhh. yeah. so you like doing realistic art better. where do you want
your computer art style to go to... will it stay cartoonish or will it
change to something more of a hybrid of styles...
mojo I think I will go more with 3ds rendering and raytracing.. I use 3D
Studio a lot, and I am actually intergating a penciled pic with a 3ds
border ..
ts aha ... so yer into that rendering shit too? bah, my computer aint fast
enuff for that shit ...
ts well i meant with ansi/vga tho
mojo heh... ok lets go back.. scatch my first answer..
mojo alrighty then..
ts but re-answer it
mojo With ansi, Ill keep practicing and eventually come away from toons..
when I can do shit like ts ..
ts nah, ts sucks. go on to bigger and better things.
ts heheh..
mojo :
ts ok i gotta go work pretty soon. u wanna say anything to wrap this up..
greets, whatever?
mojo greets I kinda hate greets.. I feel like im always missing someone..
so heys to everyone..
ts haha same here. k dude, thanks fer the int.
mojo ok Ill talk to ya later..
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