------. wake up and smell the collective coffee jj
thrust is comin atcha in nineteennintyfive
Hey.. Loox like we survived for a 2nd paq. w00p! There was some problemsconcerning the 1st pack. I want to get this up front: THRUST IS NOT RACIST. Aftrthe s3m was released in the 0895 pack, some screamed racism. I would like to
make it clear that Corpse Warpers opinions and statements are his and his alone. In his music, he speaks of HIS views, not THRuSts. We thought it was a good
tune, regardless of the lyrics. I guess that makes it THRuSts big 1st fuckup,
I apologize on the behalf of THRuSt to anyone offended by the song. Please und-
erstand, THRuSt as a group has no problems with any race.
That aside, on to group news. THRuSt has gained some members, along witha European HQ, Ground Zer0. GZ is a kick board, call it, if you dare. On the
member side, we gained Eclipse as both a coder and a ansi artist. His logoz kick, and he is currently hard at work on thrustview. Its gonna be great! In the
music department, we gained Cerulean, a very talented tracker. Expect some good
and non-racist : songs from him. In the ascii division, we obtained Red Mist
of WiCKED. He simply roqs. In the VGA section, we gained a local named hADES.
His work is to be ph34red. His vga is in thst995b.zip. Also, this month we
have some guest work. Id like to send some mega-greetz to max and c-night,
they did some kill loaders. Look for more special guest work next month!
In senior staff news, we had a bit of a problem. Piratebox had a hd
crash, and lost everything thats why he had no work in the pack. He is still
a member, but due to the loss he will be unable to perform his ss duties. So, ifyou looking for another group to join, and are willing to donate alot of time
to making THRuSt as efficient as possible, fill out an app and you may end up
being a senior member.
Ok.. i think I covered everything. Again, apologies for the s3m ordeal,
we had no intentions of seeming racist. We just hope you stick with THRuSt, we
plan on being around a while. Speaking of which... join, dammit! : I dunno if
myself and kk have been doing a poor job recruiting members or what, but 4 new
members? Geez. We are looking for new members in every department, so fill out
that app! : Welp, thats my 2 bux and change. L8z all. -TRiP