pack 5 nooz by irrational
pack 5 nooz by irrational
:: april 1998 - pack 05 ::
think monthly newsletter
:: welcome to this pack ::
welcome to the april pack of think productions
. still alive and
hanging. have a good april fools day..
:: news ::
humph... my arm is still weak from the fracture, but im sti
getting these danged packs out... and finally someone joine
velociti has joined as a c++ coder! im working on hype,
a hype
revision and stuff.. should be good!
other news, we have moved our webpage. see url below
:: would you like to join? ::
would you like to join? if you want to join, run thinkapp
.exe and
do your stuff.. follow instructions included after completing th
application form. you should get a reply within a day or
after sending in the completed form.
:: departures/joinings ::
joinings: velociti, as a coder!
departures: none
guest artists: none come on, you guys!
:: contact us ::
contact us:
bbs : email irrational on: sector 001 - 905 839 0747
email :
web :
:: other shnaadz stuff ::
if you use this, i would appreciate it if you email me, than
king me
or something...just dont erase any sigs..if you do, you sha
ll die!
if you can read this, youre too close