file_id by alpha king
file_id by alpha king

by alphaking on April 11, 2022

I wanted to do a file_id formatted for 16c archive with a custom xbin font. Perhaps some day I can convince @burps to allow file_id.xb as the thumbnail when browsing art packs.

by melfarr on April 11, 2022

Best of luck on your journey to convince @burps of something

by cthulu on April 12, 2022

If he succeeds I've long aspired to have animated .GIF DIZes.

by alphaking on April 19, 2022

I think any textmode artfile type is a reasonable ask for .diz. A .gif or even an animated .gif seems out of spirit with the archive.

by cthulu on April 20, 2022

ANSImation in FILE_IDs it is, then!