J U L Y 1 9 9 5
tDD0695A.zip tDD0695B.zip
T H E J U L Y S i X P A K
First off I would like to thank all our members and supporters
for making another sixpak possible!
Special thanks go to Odysseus who spent many hours fixing our
viewer Pixel Dreams. This sixpak includes ansis, asciis, Vgas
s3ms, and loaders all for your enjoyment!
Files Lists For Disk 1 of 2 File Lists For Disk 2 of 2
*.tDDtDD Ansi Pics, *.giftDD Vga Pics*.mod ,*.s3m tDD Music
*.riptDD Rip Gfx, Pd.exeOur Viewer iplay.exe Music Player
Isetup.exeMusic Setup
All files can be loaded and run from within our viewer, except
iplay.exe which is the music player.
Included in this pak is a file called iplay.exe and isetup.exe
These are for use to play our s3m files.. Please run isetup first!
To hear our songs you must have a soundblaster or compatible card.
Important!!! Our viewer also supports sound, rip and gif viewing.
The gif viewing is not clear on some systems because of the
incompatibility of the viewer with some vesa drivers. If you find
that the gif files do not view correctly we ask that you pls use
a gif viewer of your own and take a look.
appgen.exe is our application generator for those who want to apply.
Well dudes enjoy our works and remember to view the
file tt-read.me, it contains my sharing.. until next month..
tRM, ACiD, iCE, SHV, Tek Lordz, tRN, Motion Gfx, and all the
other groups trying to make the scene better!