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Welcome to TCF ANSi Art 2008. If you would like to purchase a piece of low
resolution textmode artwork email creepfever@gmail.com prices begin at
100 US Dollars per line, void line usage prior to beginning of color usage
at top of ANSi art is inclusive. All .ans .asc .ice .txt textmode art file
extentions beginning with abbreviations fv, tcf, fev, j, or fever are
copyright and trademark 1995-2008 Aaron Frick. All rights reserved. No
duplication or viewing of said material is not allowed without expressed
written consent. In the event that an abbreviation we, us, or joint is used
for a combined artist collaberation which contains the artwork of Aaron
Frick and another or multiple artists, all of said artists collaborating
are required to consent up on viewing or usage. Basically WE-WILL.SUE you.
We here at corporate Blocktronics hope you have enjoyed your time but it
is up.