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r0ADrUnNNER XXXXXXX BBS 0-Day 313374355 - 31337 - 7H47 700. ANSi Art by The Creep Fever tcf December 2005Vii.Artsomnia.COM/Gallery
Greetz: Aesthetic, Avenging Angel, BlackJack, EnzO, Kid Frost, Sephiroth,
Smoke, TaintedX, Tung Lo, Peter Griffin, Skypager, zv.
Aphrodite IX c Some comic book company. ANSi c Microsoft 2005
Boobs c Girls. edited cEmSOREDDDDD ViiX2 c Aaron. Bullets c USA
Pixel Artists in 2005 - Relentlessly beating up on Hirez noobies.
ANSi Defining Digital Art