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Vii-X2 1: Night of the Living Dead
October 31st 2005
Important: Vii Contest, remember it? Well, its back and
better than ever with ViiX2 Contest 1. This
contest will be judged by myself and a few
others who are NOT in Vii so Vii artists are
elligible. What you have to do, draw a guest
ANSi for the artpack that we will release
sometime around Thanksgiving EOF November.
Do not show your ansi to anyone, email it
to or DCC to The Creep
Fever TCF on IRC.
Prize: First place will win an original pencil
drawing by TCF, similar to tcf-glass.jpg.
I will mail it to your address requested.
Thats not all, first place also receives
the Dark Domain DVD from ACiD Productions.
I will pay the shipping costs regardless of
your location on this planet.
Guest with 1 friend and split the prize. If
you have any questions MSG me or Email.
Do it because you love ANSi not because you
think youll resurrect the BBS Scene.
Isnt it fitting that this group would come together and
make a Halloween 2005 release. I find it ironic because
we are seriously some evil motherfuckers.
We have a small memberlist and a small release, we hope
that you enjoy viewing our artwork as much as we did
creating it.
Not only that but its amazing that we can find true
artists to release a decade after the prime of the BBS
scene. In 1996 the internet began to take over computer
communications. Web pages were lame and companies like
Yahoo or Hotmail were new to the world. Everyone who
was involved with ANSi art strictly for the BBS action
is gone. What we now have is a small group of artists who
are here for the enjoyment of ANSi as a form of art. We
enjoy viewing others work and enjoy the response from
others after we create something in ANSi and are able to
share it with brothers who enjoy the same. There is always
the reminiscence as well. Most of us were there a decade
ago when 888 numbers meant that a teenage kid could dial
up a famous Bulletin Board System from the other side of
the continent without fear of punishment from their parents.
Then you could talk some shit in the message base on
East 1999, Neo Nacho, or Land of Lettuce. Those days are
gone, art and the artists are alive and well and better than
I am proud to say that I am a part of this. It was a lot
of fun 10 years ago to play LORD and draw an ansi once in
awhile. As far as the art goes it is better now. The
artists are a decade advanced. The work is awe inspiring
and I truly believe that the things you and I create today
in this low resolution medium will be remembered 100 years
from now. Leonardo drew pictures of flying machines that
made simple minded men question his sanity. Its the way
of an artist to think outside the box. I actually feel
sorry for men who are not creative. What it must be like
to ignorantly float through life as one of the sheep in
a herd, to work nine to five, pay your bills, then die.
Fellow artists, the BBS scene will never thrive again.
ANSI art will never be needed like it was for ads
and BBS Commercial Purposes. We all share a passion for
this medium which is obvious. Let me ask you, when was
the last time you saw someone whos method of communication
was dependant on an oil painting. ANSi is art, just like
oils, or pastels, it belongs hanging in our digital galleries
and its reliance on a bulletin board for creation is
irrelavant. So let me call out my fellow artists. Push this
medium to its very limits. Do it to compete with other
artists, do it to expose your inner thoughts, and do it
let out your demons or dreams.. ANSi Art 2005 and Beyond.
Build your house with bricks so the wolves cant blow it
See you in 2050.
Next release: November 2005
The Creep Fever
Vii-X2 1: Nightmarish Assemblage 10/31/05
All Hallows Killers
--AVGAvenging Angel
--zOEnzo lucianoayres@i2technologia
---UYou? YourEmail@address.extension
!-Serial Killer *-Mass Murderers --Cutthroats
Online Galleries:
Galleries contain career compilations of Vii artists.
ANSi Hall of Fame galleries. All Vii Releases.
Recent Sense releases and more... So visit, comment,
rate pictures, and upload your own if you wish.
Alternative personal galleries:
Vii-X2 1: Ratiociations
Joining the Brotherhood of Seven
If you are interested in joining Vii X2 or even
releasing guest artwork with us contact any of our
members on EFNet IRC in channel ViiX2 or email me,
TCF at
We are interested in ANSi, ASCii, Ripscript, talented
sketch artists, and a few other forms. If you are
a proficient coder you could find a home here as well
as we are looking for a motivated individual to create
textmode art applications and associate with our art
If you are an aspiring Porn star you may have a home
here as well. You may make films with Tainted who has
a John Holmes like 27 Incher.
Vii-X2 1: Digitizius Resevoir
Finding ANSi and Related Applications
ACiDView Version 6.1
ACiDView 6.1 is a great art viewer that will allow
you to view many file types. ACiDView allows you to
convert your textmode artwork to .png files to upload
to internet galleries.
rating: 8/10
Pablodraw Build 70
ANSi Art Editor for Windows
This ANSi editor will allow you to create ANSi
or ASCii art in windows and allow you to draw
with friends over an internet connection.
rating: 9/10
PabloView Final
ANSi Art Viewer for Windows
This is an alternative to ACiDview which lets you
convert files to PNG in batches and also views
ripscript artwork which is a bonus for people
who dig through older artpacks.
rating: 9/10
Tombstone Artist
RipScript Art Editor
This age old application allows you to edit RIP
drawings, very fun to draw and to view as when you
load a RIP drawing it repeats your drawing process
in fast motion.
rating: 10/10
Vii-X2 1: Consanguin Copula
Affiliated links from the mouth of hades. - Coming very soon.. - Unstoppable Sweetness - The compilation DVD of TextArt
from the underground art scene. Contains .
artpacks from 1991 - 2004, electronic mags,
applications, programs, editors, viewers, and
more. - Convert your ANSi
to High Resolution images online. - New textmode Art editor in
developement. New Alpha Preview 5 released
recently. - Oldschool editor TheDraw
for the sake of Nostalgia. A bittersweet long-
ing for situations of the past. - A short
but sufficient description of textmode art
and the artscene from ex-Ice member Wildcat. - description of ANSi
art at Wikipedia with related links.
Vii-X2 1: Dossier Concordance
October 2005 Artpack Identification
..The Dead Rise on Halloween..
V October 2005 I
Vii-X2 1: Dossier Assimilation I
October 2005 File Descriptions
Filename Artist Desshitzon
FileID Fever ASCii Pack Description
Information Fever ViiX2 Information File
avg-alove Avenging Angel ANSi ANSiLove Ad
booze Fever HiRes Garbage
et-gas Eternal ANSi Elite Ad
tcf-glass Fever Pencil Electriglass
tcf-logo Fever ViiX2 Concept Logo
tcf-txt Fever ANSi Distortion BBS Ad
tcf-ween Fever ANSi ViiX2 Ad
tnt-vx2 Tainted ANSi ViiX2 Ad
zO-tl2 Enzo ANSi The Lounge Ad
Ad Council Ripped WWW ViiX2 Ad Council
Vii-X2 1: Compendiom Syllibisci
Artist Statistics, Haut Monde
Artists statistics is something I came up with to
give us a little in-group competition. I know that
I will own t33h competition but it is still worth
showing here because of its k-rad el33tnez.
For every ansi released in a Vii Artpack you get
one K-Rad Elite Point and you will be on top of the
list if you lead the overall K-Rad El1te Pointnesses.
You will be on bottom if you are K-Suxz Sh1t33.
Try to lead the way if you can. If you release a
collection of fonts or matrixes each one will count
as 1 pt. Any for of art will be permitted. Even
tampon doodles. You must have 1 pt to make this list.
Thank you everyone for tolerating
this bullshit. We had fun and will
continue to do so for the sake of
art and ANSi and you.
ViiX2 2005