Tower's Ascii Colly by Towser
Tower's Ascii Colly by Towser
sSSs sSSs SynSf
S S ggg
SyS SgS SyyS SyS
P Very, very small colly did i mention small? second set of shit done for 7
b Synthetic, does anyone really care? anyway press DOWN now bitch d
dk figure it out
Cyborg Cow
0TOWSER97s s
Fuck Off
d sSSs SSsS sSSs sSSs bdS
S d sd
zzz yyy y PS yyy yyy sP
Fade To Black dont ask me why i did them
yyy S yyy S
gggg S gggg S
ssss SyS SyS s SyS SyS
i know its small, so bite me. anyway a month ago my computers power supply
blew out so i didnt have a computer at *all* so now basically a month later
i have my 286 back and some 486 shit which i got off my parents, its like ok
now you have your 286 you can have this 486, which really fucking blew, they
had to give it to me after i got my old computer back didnt they? fuck parents
suck, i hate them. yeah well i know you bitches dont care but you read the shit
now anyway so fucking live with it
!!Greetz!! to iBANEzthanks for your help with everything!, trip, odb,
MOON DOGGbitch havent seen u around and like thats it yo so the rest of yous can get fucked yo?
rip it and ill
fuck that rip yo nads off
and feed them to
Towser bruteish! Tows
EOFFB end of the fucking file bitch 85 lines