Synthetic App.Gen Documentation by Synthetic
Synthetic App.Gen Documentation by Synthetic
s y n t h e t i c a p p l i c a t i o n g e n e r a t o r v 3.O
graphics and coding by trippah of synthetic c 1996-1997
Just a little note for the people who dont know what this executable is for!
Its an application generator, which means, yes! it makes application forms
for anyone interested in doing digital shit for synthetic organization!
to apply, run the executable file and just fill out the necessary information
and upload it to decay bbs on 61-39816-9771 or attach it to an email and
send it off to please be patient with your
response as we can be quite busy at times.
requirements - there is only only bummer thing about this program, it needs
quite a bit of conventional memory, a whole 268ks! the prog.
is also un-multitask aware, which means it might fuck up if
you switch windows in WIN95 or OS/2! other than that, this
program has been tested on: 1 486dx/1OO, IBM
2 pent. 1OO, INTEL
3 pent. 12O, INTEL
features - if you apply for a section of synthetic organisation, this
program is set to save its application form for you to upload
under the name XX-SYNTH.APP where the XX is the first 2
letters of your handle, as specified by you.
by uploading this application form, along with some samples,
you have a chance of being a member of synthetic, digital
artists organisation!
bug reports - if anyone finds/suspects a bug in this program, please contact
me immediately though either the following:
- 1 email via the net to:
- 2 call decay, page me until i answer :D on: 61-39816-9771
i wish to keep this product as bug-free as possible, and i can
only do that with your help!