After some time to ourselves, surge is back again to release our 13th
pack. Yes, we have been dead for a couple months but i believe we have
everything much more organized now and everything seems to be going
great. Enough with the bs though.. this pack is a compilation of work
from february and march 97. It took us a little bit to get everything
back together, but heres the pack.. im generally happy with the art
although some members could definately do better/more. Well see next
month though, its not that bad for the revival pack i suppose.. and
who has set expectations on surge this time anyway? we had close to no
hype this type because thats one of the reasons we had to reorganize
after the august pack. Really quick, id like to give props to sn for
giving us 1/2 the artwork for this pack seems every other day he
shows me a new piece he finished or is working on.. other greets to
internal stalker for helpin alot in the beginning, meltdown, blood,
uo, tarmac, and everyone else in surge.. ok, time for sns essay..
oh shit, forgot.. just incase you all didnt know, surge is formed in
the 203 in 94 and still is based here.. we have 14 of our members
coming from 203.. but thats that, i gotta go play with the fucking
easter bunny or somethin, damn holidays.. cya
sadistic nightmare
hummm surge is back again, last time we released was back in august
i definitly like the way the group feels and looks right now. The
level at which we are is higher than in the summer. Im not totally
100 happy with my art but.... i think next month iull produce less
and take longer on each piece.
Damn... i hate this but i do owe it to all the members to at least
mention them in the nfo file. First off is our founder hyped, he is
my hero , he started surge back in 94 and ran it real well, back then
it had some real good dewdlers who eventually made it big. Then relaye,
relaye is the man, he has the ascii and rip skillsif he tried he could
do ansi also he also basically runs the group, keeps the member list
and yah know everything else. Maligor is our third senoir and he does
quite a bit for us he got the bot among other things that just need to
be done so i have real respect for him. Frizzle is Frizzle, he is an
ansi artist who has style if anything: so hes a good addition to the
group. Perplexer was in surge back in the summer and now hes still
drawing for us, he is also in acid and a few other groups. Internal is
a good font artist and i want him to try drawing pics sometime.
Creaping Death is an old time friend, he taught me how to draw ansi pics
well, he has been in remorse and about 20 other groups. Stain comes to
us from the outback and his fonts are just great, makes me feel all bad
when i look at my font work. Blood is our ascii coord , and i have to gi
him mad respects because i simply like his art alot... Phoman i dont kn
particularly well, i know his art is okay I hope i do get to know him
better. Umaro was with surge in the summer also he has improved consider
and is really lookin good. o2sin was also with surge in the summer i
like his vga and will always. Gehko was in surge in august i havent
seen a whole lot from him lately but i know he has talent me an him have
some join works we are gunna do. Tarmac does a lot of 3d modeling and ot
stuff and he is good so... Gonzo is my pal and he happens to be a kick a
demo coder, he heads up the coding division and has givin us a nice lil
loader for the packwhich o2sin did the art for and we can expect more
like it in the future. Mi is coding or has coded our appgen and is a goo
addition. Jester is doing surge view which shall be coming along hopeful
by next pack.
Random Bullshit
Every month, i will be looking through the pack and picking out a
artist of the month so they can feel like their the shit.. this
month the award goes to... Sadistic Nightmare sn.
Woowee the official seal of a sadistic nightmare ansi.. mad props
again for a great effort.. i had to hold some of his work for next
month because its generally annoying when one artist makes up 90
of a pack.. heh oh well,
other picks of the month:
ansi pxwest.ans perplexors west side pic
ascii bd-pa2.asc bloods girlie pic
vga o2-eye.gif o2sin surge promo
the surge web page is in development by Tarmac and Att,.
set your browsers to to check out whats been
done so far..
thanks for checking us out, surge14 is expected out Sunday, May 4th 97