---StORM 1996---
Release Information
-/- StORM Pack 10/96 -/-
Supplier: Emberman Application Type : Art Pack 10/96
Cracker : N/A Version : N/A
Writer : N/A Coded by : N/A
Released: 10/03/96 Disk: 01/01 Packaged by : Apokryphos
Requirements : ANSI.SYS loaded Rating : 10/10
Release Notes
Announcing our 2nd pack released by StORM 1996, in particular,
by Emberman. This might as well be our last pack being released.
Installation Note
Just view the ANSIes with a ANSI view.
Group News
Emberman will be leaving StORM 1996 as well as the scene. We
wish him a happy journey with whatever hes doing beyond this
internal undergound world. On the mean time, Deepthroat will
taking over Embermans position as Council. Druken has also
joined as a writer, so we welcome him in. Later Ember.
StORM 1996 like to greet TRiP into StORM. TRiP is an expert
programmer from The Netherlands. He will be our main coder
with skills in ASM/C/C++/Pascal/Delphi and a whole lot of other
StORM Members
Art/Coding Division
Internet Division
.Demon. - .Enigma. - .Perplex.
Spreading Division
.Rabid Neurosis Couriers.
.Angel of Death. - .Frodo. - .Gambit. - .Liquidmetal.
Trial Members
Greets and Salute
.NUKE. - .RCN. - .THC. - .TRiP4. - .UCF. - .UMF. - .VLAD.
.Acid Angel. - .Prophet. - .Evilive. - .Silicon Toad.
StORM Member Boards
Board Name Number Sysop Position
- W o r l d H e a d q u a r t e r -
Wicked City +1-StO-RM!-1996 Emberman.. World HQ
- H e a d q u a r t e r s -
Sin City +1-StO-RM!-1996 Enigma.... US Headquarter
- M e m b e r B o a r d -
- A f f i l i a t e d B o a r d -
Amiga Mania......... +1-213-PRI-VATE Robert.... Affiliated Site
- D i s t r i b u t i o n S i t e s -
Demons Den......... +1-213-PRI-VATE Demon..... USA Distro Site
PerPleXed InSaniTy.. +1-818-ITS-DOWN Perplex... USA Distro Site
StORM Files
Audio CD
STM-AGRL.ZIP 9/96 About a Girl Nrvana Xx/01 AUD
STM-CRSR.ZIP 9/96 Tha Crossroads BT-N-H Xx/01 AUD
STM-MAG1.ZIP 8/96 How to jack books from the library
STM-MAG2.ZIP 8/96 How to fish out arcade machines!
STM-MAG3.ZIP 8/96 How to jack good shit in the store
STM-MAG4.ZIP 8/96 How to get revenge from yer frend
STM-MAG5.ZIP 8/96 How to get revenge from yer frend part 2
STM-MAG6.ZIP 8/96 How to write overwriting viruses
STM-MAG7.ZIP 8/96 How to write .COM infecting viruses
STM-MAG8.ZIP 8/96 How to make a GERBIL FEED homemade bomb
STM-MAG9.ZIP 8/96 Twenty ways to screw up a pep rally
STM-MG10.ZIP 8/96 How to make your very own soda money!
STM-MG11.ZIP 9/96 How to make a BATCH TROJAN HORSE
STM-MG12.ZIP 9/96 How to make a mail bomb!
STM-MG13.ZIP 9/96 How to hack telenet, for dummies.
STM-MG14.ZIP 9/96 How to get FREE disks, the RIGHT way!
STM-MG15.ZIP 10/96 How to subscribe to magazines, for FREE!
STM-0996.ZIP 9/96 September 1996 Pak Xx/01 PAK
STM-1096.ZIP 10/96 October 1996 Pak Xx/01 PAK
STM-EMV1.ZIP 8/96 Embermans Virus Album Xx/02 VIR
STM-ENT1.ZIP 8/96 Press Enter to Continue Xx/01 PPE
STM-IS26.ZIP 10/96 ISO-MPEG Audio Layer 3 Xx/o1 APP
STM-PINB.ZIP 8/96 PCS Pinball Source Code Xx/01 APP
STM-QKE1.ZIP 8/96 Quake Cheat Codes v1.0 Xx/01 TXT
STM-USER.ZIP 8/96 Pro User Lister v1.0 Xx/01 PPE
STM-VSRC.ZIP 9/96 Virus Source Codes v1.0 Xx/01 VIR
STM-SP2A.ZIP 9/96 StORM SPiRAL Bot v2.0 Xx/02 IRC
STM-SP3A.ZIP 9/96 StORM SPiRAL Bot v3.0 Xx/02 IRC
APP - Application Type Release DOS/WIN
AUD - Audio CD Type Release Music CD Rip
CRK - Crack Type Release For Warez CRACK
IRC - IRC Type Release Scripts/Spiral
PAK - Art Pak Release Monthly Release
PPE - PCBoard PPE Type Release BBS Mod
SRC - Source code release App Source Cod
TXT - Text File Release Cheats/Info/SG
VIR - Virus Related Release Virus/Utils
Please Note
Brief History
StORM is a new group formed around June 1996. The group was
an original idea by Emberman, former PRiMAL member. At first,
the idea was laughed at, but sooner than you know it, it became
a reality. StORM deals with H/P/A/V/C/W, both in text and
in software format. Do not expect much from us, for StORMs
policy is to kick out members that dont participate, dont
help out StORM, or just plain inactive. We are to remain small,
for now, and that is our policy. We do *NOT* give a flying
fuck on what the scene or anybody thinks about us.
StORM 1996 is currently accepting dedicated artists, coders,
spreaders, suppliers, crackers, bbs modders, boards, writers,
and Audio CD rippers. Fill out the included StORM.APP, and
return it to Apokryphos. StORM 1996 is seeking quality boards
from anywhere in the world. If you consider your board quality,
just want to be a StORM distro/hq/affil, or member board, do not
hesitate to contact us. StORM is readily accepting affils boards
of ALL kind, cept for WildCat public domain boards... If you
are interested in becoming a valid Audio CD ripper, do *NOT*
hesitate at all to apply. We take in Audio CD rippers almost
If you dont see your name listed on this .NFO, then you are
not a part of StORM. We at StORM do not care what you think
about StORM, as we are to kick out any inactive members.
Once you are out of StORM, there is no way back, and we do not
or will have any contacts with you any further in anyways...
We do not take new members that is cross affiliating in ANY ways.
Either drop the other group, or drop us. Couriers are the ONLY
We accept requests. If you are in need of an ANSI, any BBS mods,
send email to storm960804@wgserv.baudtown.com and well see what
we can do about it.
Ways in contacting StORM 1996:
Requests : storm960804@wgserv.baudtown.com SUBJECT: REQUESTS
E-mail : storm960804@wgserv.baudtown.com
IRC : Storm96
WWW : http://lausd.k12.ca.us/cyang/storm/
All Groups Are Created Equal
-/- Last .NFO updated: 10.03.96 - By -e.m! -/-
Dont forget to visit http://lausd.k12.ca.us/cyang/storm/