System One girlie! by Pfezzyo
System One girlie! by Pfezzyo
I dedicate this ansi to the old
Stile WHQ.. back in the days, it
was our home! Now.. we have a WHQ
on an art/demo board instead. Many
!Pf thanks goes to Steed/Dale for their
support earlier.
S y s t e m O n e
Staff Dale, Steed, Gangstar Dodo
Node1 +46-8-xxxxxxxx USRobotics 28k8
Node2 +46-8-xxxxxxxx USRobotics 28k8
Node3 +46-8-xxxxxxxx USRobotics 28k8
Node4 +46-8-xxxxxxxx USRobotics 33k6
Node5 +46-8-xxxxxxxx USRobotics 28k8
Ansi by Pfezzyo of Stile Productions 1995!