Stile Info File, Feb 1995. by Gangstar
Stile Info File, Feb 1995. by Gangstar
... Stile Productions 1995 ...
Proudly Presents: The Stile Collection 02. Feb, 1995.
Release Date: 10 Feb. 1995 Release Type: Art Pack
Supplier....: Stile Zip-names.: STL-952?.ZIP
Packager....: Gangstar Graphics....: Ansi, Ascii, Vga.
Idea/Help...: N/A Sound.......: N/A
Release Info: The Stile Collection 02. Februari 1995.
This fine artpack contains a selection of the work done by
Stile members since the release of Stile Collection 01.
Grab this one and check it out!
Signed: Gangstar
Stile Leaders And Organisers
Stile Ansi Artists
D-Vibe, Gangstar, Ique
Stile Ascii Artists
Omnibuz, Ique, Gangstar, D-Vibe, Bad Spirit, Manhunter
Stile VGA Artists
D-Vibe, Gangstar, Swayze, Design, Hardnoise
Stile Coders
Irony, Hardnoise, Osiris, Pfezzyo, Bad Spirit
Stile PPE Coders
Catonica, D-Vibe, Osiris, Pfezzyo, Bad Spirit
Stile Musicians
Stile RIP Artists
Stile Couriers
Famous Stile Board Position s CC-AC Sysop
System One World HQ 02 +46-08 Steed/Gangstar
Obscene Phobia Scandinavian HQ 05 +XX-XX The Judge/Omnibuz
Harvest Moon United States HQ 02 +1-216 Quran
Triplex Finnish HQ 03 +358-0 Royal
Convulsion Member Board 02 +46-XX Catonica/Pfezzyo
White Zombie Member Board 02 +46-XX Fenrir/Design
Lost For Words Member Board 03 +1-408 Osiris
The Shadowlands Member Board 01 +46-31 Manhunter
Little Savage Dist Site 02 +46-60 Loot
State Of Euphoria Dist Site 01 +1-713 Mephitopeles
Deadly Intoxication Dist Site 01 +1-801 Time Killer
Digital Fluid Dist Site 01 +1-612 Bum/Irq5
Meltdown Dist Site 01 +1-408 Bastardiser/Necr0
Blurred Vision Dist Site 01 +1-414 Blurr
Stile is always looking for talented members, with the
originality and skills required to join up with a real art
group! If you feel that youre good enough or have something to
offer us, then you are welcome to contact any Stile member.
Stile is no longer accepting new boards, but If you run
this kickass 20 noded board with 38 gigs, 0 hour files and a
kabillion ld users, or you run one of those cool boards Im
thinking of right now, then youre welcome to contact me
Gangstar on System One, or by e-mail to
Or log on to +46-8-50026361 /62 Handle: Stile Psw: Stile
And Remember, Stile is not like other groups. We do not work
under pressure or demands. We just do what we are good at and
what we think is fun! ... Stile - Only for fun!
CASCADA, TRITON, The Judge, Dale, Somms, Quran, Royal, Fenrir,
Mephitopeles, Time Killer, Loot, Irq5, Bastardier, Necronite,
Bum, Blurr, Rad Man, Cat, Smooth, Cruger, Argon, Cryptic Pain,
Lord Jazz, Pale, and everyone else that really need a greet...
Logo and info file by Gangstar Of Stile in January 1995. CStile Productions.