First ascii pic. by Wik
First ascii pic. by Wik
Ss,. l
s,. l
ls. S
s. S7
s. 4s ,sssSSS l
l s ,4l S
SSS s ,4 l
,S 4l S
Ss. 4 l
s. 4 S
s. l
lSSss...,,ss S
,l l
,l l
,Ss. ,l l
,s. , l
,s. , l
, l .
l .s , Sl
,s .sl ,SS ,
.s: :s, S l ,s,
.s.,ssSs, l :
.sSSSs l :
.ss, .,e. l, ,
This was going to be colored, but I just refused to like any coloring that got
thrown at it. The STD logo was an afterthought and I hate the d. Txt did some
touchups on some of the lettering. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention that this is my
first pic ive done, and its a rip of Disneys Gargoyles logo. Enjoy.