Chapter 1:
Sir Lanslaughter
Jim woke up that bright Friday morning, reluctant
ly getting himself
out of bed to go to school. He started to go towards th
e stairs, still not
totally awake or aware of what was going on. Jeez Chri
s, can you move all
your toys? he said, assuming his little step-brother wa
s awake already as
usual. He walked down the stairs and greeted his Dalmat
ians, Hey, Patch,
how are ya? Mornin Simmy. He walked into the living
room, but didnt see
his mom there, so he went to her room. Mom? he said.
No answer. He
didnt see his step-dad either. Chris, Katie, do you k
now where mom went?
No answer. Where the hell did they go? he asked himse
lf. Oh well, I
guess they went out. He took a shower, got dressed and
left, still wondering
where they could have gone.
He walked to school, and when he got about two bl
ocks away, noticed
that the usual kids werent roaming around outside like
they usually were.
Oh God did I oversleep? God dammit, they didnt even w
ake me up before they
left. Thanks alot. He got to the school doors, but no
body was inside, and
the doors were locked. Wait, it is Friday isnt it? h
e thought, maybe he
had gone to school on a Saturday, but no, he thought, it
was Friday for sure.
What the hell is going on here? he asked, as he looked
around. Finally he
noticed it. There was nobody on the streets. The place
was deserted. Still
confused, he put his backpack near the door of the schoo
l and started walking
across the street, to knock on one of the doors. No ans
wer. The next house.
No answer. He went down two blocks, by this time yellin
g for somebody to
come out. No answer.
Oh God what the hells going on? he thought, ge
nuinely scared.
Then he realized something, Well I dont know where the
se people are, but
somethings really wrong here, and it seems like Im the
only one around
right now, so these people dont need all their stuff, a
nd nobodys gonna
stop me from takin it! A little wary, he went up the
stairs to the next
house, knocked just to make sure there was nobody there,
then broke the
window next to it. No alarm went off, not that it made
a difference, so he
climbed in and looked around. He didnt see much that h
e could use, so he
went into the kitchen. He opened a cabinet and found so
me chips, took them,
and decided to see if he could get anybody by phone. He
called a couple
numbers. No answer. He dialed 0. No operater. He dia
led 911. No answer.
He got worried again and started to call all his friends
numbers. Rich. No
answer. Joe. No answer. Chris. Hello? came his fri
ends voice, obviously
curious about who was calling. Oh God Chris, youre he
re, everybodys
disappeared! Jim replied, excidetly.
Yeah, my parents are gone, and I called the scho
ol to tell them I
would be late but I got no answer. Whats going on Jim
I dunno, but this is freaky. Its like the Stan
d or something. Im
coming over. and he hung up the phone.