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. s t a b p a c k 11 n e w s l e t t e
r . -
Since more things then a pack happen month to month,
the stab
newsletter is included to inform, educate, and generall
y repulse.
you should know
A long time bug with STABVIEW 3.0 is that it will
not display rips correctly
unless font files .CHR are in the directory of STABVI
EW.EXE. These files
have been included in the self-excuatable file RIPFONT
S.EXE. Make sure to
type RIPFONTS before viewing the pack.
If you are somehow a little behind the times and do not
have a .s3m player,
the worlds standard, scream tracker 3, has been includ
ed. Type STRACK3
then, after uncompressing, type ST3. It
s pretty self explanitory from there
pack 11
Welcome to the pack 11 compilation. This pack is
not really a pack at all
but a collection of the best work from the last ten pac
ks, a sort of year
in review. A dozen or so VGAs were picked out, and fo
r the most part all
the rips from the past year were included. There is no
music section to
this compilation, because there its just not popular to
release a 5 meg pack.
Soo, a part two might be released which contains some o
f the best music from
last year. There is no basic rating system when choosi
ng the best rips and
vgas, what looked good basically was tossed in, and the
n a lot more were
eliminated because of size limitations, but what it com
es down to is that
just because a piece of work is not in this pack doesnt
mean that it was
good or anything. And this pack is NO excuse
why you should not download
every pack, print out every vga,rip and ansi and wallpa
per your house with
them, as well as record every s3m to tape and listen da
y and night. No
reason at all.
Since the anniversary pack, stab has taken a break
from the month to month
droll of producing pack after pack. Actually this was
my straka decision
to do this, and after being bitched out by other stab m
embers I have learned
my lesson and have quickly and spontaneously put togeth
er 11. Next pack
will be a pack with fresh work, creatively called
stab 12, which will be
released sometime in the future and will be a very good
pack filled with
vga and music and such. It might even be a two part pa
ck, who knows.
NAID- the north american something something is a
large demo contest hosted
in Canada and STAB is a PROUD SPONSOR OF NAID 1996
. Acutally, we are not
an offical sponsor, or actually a sponsor at all, but i
f it was free to be
a sponsor and if they asked us to sponsor them, we prob
ably would of. But
because we have no idea how to sponsor NAID nor would w
e shell out a dime
for NAID, were not a sponsor. But a bunch of stab memb
ers will be attending
NAID which is happening in March during sprin
g break I believe. So, if
it has always been your dream to meet a real,
flesh and blood stab member,
youll be able to at NAID. For a short time we will be
signing autographs
at the stab booth, and make shure you pick up some
8x10 glossys of your
favorite stab member at the concession stand. If you h
ave never been to
NAID, or even a demo party for that matter, nows the ti
me to do so. NAID
is going to be a really big, cool e
vent this year, with a ton of cool,
3l33t ppl coming to it. So save up, and take
a bus to NAID this year.
You might be wondering where exactly NAID is going to b
e, what it costs,
what is consits of, and so on, and I am happy to tell y
ou that I have no
fucking idea, just be patient and wait for the inf
ormation to float around.
You might try ftp.cdrom.com /pub/demos and lo
ok for something that has
NAID on it. But once again, stab encourages you to go
and attend NAID this
spring. Cool demos, 3 days, and your supporting the de
mo scene, as well
as the fun time you can have laughting at all the pathe
tic computer dorks.
the stab 10th newsletter was written by straka,
stab founder
S T A B - D E A T H B E F