_\|/_ Higher Force _\|/_ by Ceryx
_\|/_ Higher Force _\|/_ by Ceryx
quality liquid greetings to the following
negros... cx --------- Faust, Zuel,
cx Gradius, The Wizard Weazel, and...
DeaD - the biggest negro of all
This is the Quality bin... Its Leaking, i need a negro plumber!
-That my friend is a Butt Burglar...
This Font is All Original...
Rip it if yer a fucking homo...
All Original By Me... / Ceryx /
Now dont be rippin that neato sig bitch!
- Higher Force -
SysOps: Maligor Surge Zuel Surge
Surge World Headquarters
And other stuff that i dont know...
Fill it in for me Mal.. if ya like it