disclaimer - Ugly ansi on puropse.
Mutilation Pics
Newsletter -
Whats up.. Tsk here.. This is our new group, our new demented gro
Every month, we will try to release pictures of mutilated people for y
screwed up people like us. You know you want to see them. Anyway, if
you find
some that we havent released, feel free to contact us and well relea
se them
in the next pack, and you can be a member! If you feel that pictures
mutilated people arent what you want to look at for fun, then stop re
this, go to dos, and type echo ydel *.* right NOW. Im warni
ng you, the
pictures which you are about to view contain graphic material, therefo
re, this
pack is rated R. Parental Disgression is strongly advised. Not inten
ded for
the faint of heart or people with uneasy stomachs. We hereby take awa
y all
liability for what these pictures may cause you, insanity, split perso
or even if you become a serial killer. We are not held responsible.
group is copywrited and patented, so do NOT attempt to rip us, bitches
Well.. this is skatter. I know what youre all thinking.. youre
thinking, these guys are fucked up in the head, theyre CRAZY
! Well this is
NOT true. We are very normal people just like you in many ways. The
we started this group is because there are many people out there that,
like us, are either: curious, demented, or just dumb. Whatever the ca
se may
be you want to see pictures of mutilated people or things. Do NOT
let people
tell you otherwise, you are NOT doing anything wrong! Well.. enough o
f this
talking.. go take a look at the shit weve got to offer this month.
This month weve got an assortment of bloody messes..
ranging from people being hit by cars, to decapitated
naked chicks... im sure youll love what weve got to
offer this month..
Member Listings ..
Handle Position Specialty
---------------- 1......The Silent Kille
....Ansi.............. 2.
Yes folks, this is real.. Its no joke. We love dead, bloody peop
We are stupid, We are deranged, We are extremely fucked up. But who c
We are simply computer people! We hide behind our handles! Give us y
pictures. Help us jack off. We love you.
- The blood flows on..