0995 newsletter by spastic
0995 newsletter by spastic
guess what people, spastic is still alive! i know that this must be a
shock for some people, but this is the way it is. havent you people learned by now that spastic will never die. we all are doing too, too well. this month
spastic decided to adapt a different philosophy. spastic promoted stigmata to
be our member coordinator, and professa booty comes back on the scene to head
our telecom division. what this means is that our communication is now much
better. spastic has gotten rid of all the non-producing members, and now all
we have is nothing but producing, motivated members. spastic is now like a family. no one gets criticized, or pressured. everything is ver laid back,
and at spastic people actually care about each other. i see too many groups on
the scene where it looks like they want to be the best, and they dont care who
they hurt on the way to the top. well spastic is not trying to be the best, we
just know that if we keep the family unity, and recruit new talented artists
like we are doing, we will be the best.
in the last newsletter i accidently stated that the previous whq, stellar
nights, has been shut down. this information was false, so anyone wishing to
apply to spastic please call the world headquarters, the stellar nights. the
phone number to tsn is in the site listing. also, the spastic world wide web
home page is being worked on, so expect one up soon. the current spastic
email address is skaufman@netaxs.com and the current spastic voice mail box
system is 800-241-7337 Pin: 1682. feel free to apply to spastic any of those
ways. or fill out the application generator and send it up to the wizard, pale, or young. spastic would like to welcome frank n stine to the group, he is a
great organizer, and we would also like to welcome hoops to spastic, he is a
high-quality picture artist who has a lot of potential. other members this
month include two very promising artists, killa hertz from cia and america from cia. they like doing toons, and will be improving fast. another new artist who
came over last minute is superdave from disco. spastic is very proud to have
him in the group. a good pic artist names ceryx also came over this month. he
looks like he will be improving rapidly.
spastic would now like to report some sad news. rusty and shadowhawk two
spastic seniors have left the group for the simple reason that the scene
wasnt exciting to them anymore. spastic is sad to see them go, and will
always welcome them back in the group with open arms.
on one more note, young who has been one of the most loyal spastic members,
was promoted to be vice president of spastic. tyme was dropped down to a regularansi artist, because he decided he would much rather support another group and
he started recruiting members for another group.
well, spastic hopes you enjoy viewing this months pak, and we will be back
next month.
the wizard spastic