Logo Colly 10-95 by Corruption
Logo Colly 10-95 by Corruption
this has been a month of great transition.. first let me start
by saying that the wiz has decided to drop out of the scene at
least for the moment, and has left the group to me.. i hope i
can do as good a job as he did..
spastics goal this month is to return the quality that was
synonymous with the name spastic.. all can be assured that the
quality control will play a VERY big part in spastic from now
on... i refuse to put something in the pack that i and the
rest of the senior staff feel is below what our quality is...
the wiz has backed me completely in this move..
unfortunately i gained control of the group late in the month,
which posed a problem of getting artwork in, thus a tiny pack.
and though i believe the art in this pack is of high quality,
id like to see better work in the time to come..
the group will still be laid back, but a higher emphasis will
be placed upon getting the work in on time and making sure the
work is high quality..
since the loss of the old whq, the stellar nights, zook! has
become whq.. the number is 215-757-5625.. all members MUST be
on this board if they wish to continue their membership.. i am
the sysop btw.. : i wont require you to call more than you
need to in order to upload your ansis..
i am working on getting up an ftp site.. i just recently
received my int account you can contact me there at
gradius@netaxs.com.. if you can help me in this matter, seems
how im new at the net, contact me on my board..
i would like now to conclude the newsletter by thank- uck in
ing pinky and corruption, both of which helped me out me the
a great deal in getting this pack out asap..
note to all spastic members inactive this month:
if you do not call zook! by the 1st of november and tell
me youre still in spastic and you will have work by the 5th
of november id LIKE to release the 7th you will no longer
be a member..