sockittome by weird
sockittome by weird
sock premire pack febooary
formerly known as krap/bent/smog/vague/et
c, ive decided to name my group sock.
sorry, handiboy, but youre out on your own for bent.
sock is all ascii now. this pack still h
as some leftover krap stuff. and smog
stuff too. next month i swear well have real stuff.
i need members again! pwease consider jo
ining. now that we have a site in
australia too, i hope we get more members and stuff.
etana - thanks so much for
letting us bury ourselves in your bbs!
deridder - sorry to have to
make you start all over again.
plastic - i hope you drown
in pee for quitting.
fury - see plastic
happyfish - see plastic
fairy dust fairy dust fairy dust weird