The Samsara Newsletter by July 1996
The Samsara Newsletter by July 1996
the samsara newsletter
the month of july 1996
all the stuff we feel like printing
: the enlightened on
es who graduated samsara :
the rza aka the dharma boy..rza
: we are so full o
f cool :
SAMSARA. its more than an ansi group - its a
doodleboy pipe dream.
its a way of life. samsara *is
* your hopes dreams. samsara *
is* every
anst artists chance to be part of something epic.
imagine, if you will, a group full of cool, talented,
fun guys.
a laid back group actually taking it seriously.
the word samsara is the japanese word for
reincarnation, that is
very much the meaning behind what were doing. were taki
ng the old bringing
in the new. something fresh, fun, good
. samsara is born-again ansi.
the idea of always reinventing ourselves, always gett
better than ourselves.
samsara is nietzsches dreams come true!@
you might ask, why in hell should you care? actually,
i dont know.
now that were here, you have the option of giving a fuck
or not. if you do,
youll discover a bunch of artists starving for better
art. if you dont,
well, youll just miss all the fun thatll be
too bad!@
the founders of the group were eerie
the rza. they were babbling on
irc one night, they decided that what everyone needed
was a good, swift,
kick in the butt. thats our history. so, here we a
so, let us all in samsara say hi!
33 - hi.
RZA - yo.
m0g - werd.
fluor - allo.
defiant - heya.
econochrist - gimme ops.
as you can see, were future world leaders.
if youre interested in joining the samsara
movement, e-mail eerie at
- mogel eerie
ps: we will never put up a pack on the 1
st day of the month.
that for a promise?
: defiant is not his mamas boy, h
eres why :
here i am, releasing fro
m now on, with samsara. I quit ice because i
felt it
wasntthe group i *belong* in, im
more of a yeah who cares lets just have
fun and release cool and funky shit.. A
nd Ky, flame, edee: Im really sorry
for not joining decades, but you guys seem to figh
t a lot, and besides, i want
to stick to a small group for
atleast the summer since i will be on i
rc very
rarely and stuff. Anyway, all ofyou
original artists out there, samsara is
thegroup to be in, and everyone is resp
ected like they should be. pEAZ
- defiant samsara
: eeries got sickness sweet as a love note
yo, heres 33-dood. im in the process of publishing
an independent
comic book thats called sickness. the first issue
is on the way,
will be ready to ship before the end of the month.
i did it all myself story, pencil ink i like to
think its
pretty damn cool, so if you want to order one or more
!@ get in touch
with me by emailing i
have no stable address yet
so i cant give one out right now, but email me wel
l work it out!@
btw, if you worry that this might just be a fad, the
second issue
is pretty much ready, im finishing penciling issue
3. after that,
im cleared for 3 months.
so yeah. order your own comic book now. i can even s
ign it. as if
it was gonna be worth any kind of money anyway!@
: golly gee, annie, here are the
greets :
s to all the groups
trying to pu
t up with something cool
in thi
s weird ass scene.
special greets to: fire, decades
, dark, ice, apathy,
mop, many others.
thanks to the following bands for providing us with insp
irational material:
beastie boys, bec
k, violent femmes, pavement
, sonic youth,
portishead uh,
see you all next month!@
.. peace, 33 the samsara crew