Ansi Step-By-Step Tutor!! Yay! by Cronic Killah
Ansi Step-By-Step Tutor!! Yay! by Cronic Killah
Cronic Killahs Logo Tutor
Note: I probley dont actually follow these steps,
this is a guild to ansi and wow. This is what got me
started, using some dudes ansi tutor, now I do my own logos.
First I start with basic characters, than shape em...
Than I give them two colors to start with...
For This Logo, I made each letter dif colors... fruity
Than I add a bit of shading... hippy ye doo!
There, Now I add some dripping shitz and waaa lah!
AND, dont fget your sig! yay!
If you want a nice colorful logo, mail me at
some address like uhm:
you can also call darkwOrld/twoO!? soon to be eclipse at 4o3475-1285
Cronic Killah Of...
- Sliver
- Magic Mafia
- Sauce
- ECLiPSE/Cronic Net
Greets To People That I Know That Barely EVER Give Me Greetings
Toxix, Sadistic Intent, Demolisher, Liquid Delerium, EViL DiCK,
Chronicc, Da Muthaphukkin Druggie, Unique phreaking phreak, Dark
Angel, Ruiner Or Whatever Alias He Has Now, SLuG, Peri, TeeGeeOoohhhH,
enakovon, Will Smith, The President, Fred Flintstone, George Jetson, And
Umkilla, Massacre, Milamber, And That Crazy Fucking Homie Chronic Smuggling
Dude That I met on the bus, Red Thunder, Queerkilla, Hard Liquor, And At Last
Neferious and all the other fOur ohhhhhh thr33 31337 b0y5 out there.. peace..
By The Way, I know I spelt Chronic Wrong, I simply moved:
Chronic Killa
Chronic Killah