Compu Hell by Homer
Compu Hell by Homer
h o m e r
o f !hm
p r e s e n t s
-+ -- -- ------ - -- -- compu hell bulletin board system - opd by the super power liquid paper
-- -------- ------ - -------- - --- --- 63O skism member board, and distrobution site
sin net 63O whq, xpressit net 63O hub, redneck net 63O hub
3 nodes, 1: 33600 bps - 63O832-6211
2: very quick! - local node
3: 33600 bps - 63O832-8360
compu-hell, this place is so hot you can feel the heat
,99 original ansi by homer of skism productions 1997,
s k i s m 1 9 9 7 p r o d u c t i o n s
---+cut here----------------------------------------------------------
welp, herez my pic of the month...
greetz well id like to send a shot out to Liquid Paper, hey man this ansi
is for you i hope you lubs it! uhmm whatsup to 9 again youre cool
dude. uhmm formaldehyde *the f00 trying to bring back one* well
be kicking your ass in 97! a few other shots out to:
terrorist, john doe, kobb, and the rest of the skism crew...
picutre information well i consider my self a pretty big white zombie fan.
well just to let you know this picture was ripped from the inside
cd cover of WHite Zombies La Sexorcisto: Devil Music vol. I.
if you think thats bogus cuz i got this from a cd, then fuck you.
btw, if you wanna rip it... well dont. cuz like i can mutliate
your brain. but if ya do, atleast give me credit for drawing you
nigguhz. as you can tell i like to rip pictures from cds. they
have the best art! either john doe or number 9 says and i quote..
Skism: picking, rolling, and smoking the competition in duh 97!