Anti-Capital by Zer0
Anti-Capital by Zer0
j00 want ansi fr0m the d00dleb0y Zer0?
Email me at
On iRC, look in ANSI, TRAX, or SHIVER
Call any decent art board in 602. Im
too cheap to play the LD game
z0-aNTi.ShV /
Comik Art
arm P
Impact of Cyber Force : Copywrong 1994 iMAGE Comux
aNTiCaPiToL Special Greets
S:Lifetime CS:Darque
502.493.8425 Hadji: Hadji Hadji Hadji Hadji
Renegade at 28.8k Quisling: Thanks for the freebie.
210 megs 100 art Venom: Vga god.. nuff said
Art HQ.Vext D.Rave D Eerie: Ansi god.. nuff said
Reality M. Teklordz D Lifetime: Heres your ansi! D
Emigra D. Blank D Stalker: Soul Control was great!
Jihad D. Poison D hFaze: Thanks for the gif!